The Beast?

Why is Bob Sapp being called the Beast?

Dan Severn is already called the Beast, and he's a pretty well known MMA figure...

Bob may have taken that name when he was in prowrestling (before he got to japan) and didnt know who dan severn was. Now bob sapp is much more well known

I can't say, for sure, that Sapp hadn't heard of Dan Severn when he was given the name, but I can definitely verify that the name stems from his days as a WCW Power Plant trainee/NWA Wildside wrestler.

Dan Severn being a former NWA champ, I would think they had heard of him.

Anyway, the name fits Sapp more than it did Severn, IMHO.

There's a new beast in town, and his name is "BEAST OZINGA"

He is currently training for a career in MMA at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

He's 6'3" 225 and more flexible than I am.

I am creating a giant version of me.

BEAST OZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!

Carter Williams also sports a ring name of "The Beast."

225 doesnt sound too beastly

Eddie -- does that mean I get to call on some of your booty calls?

"225 doesn't sound too beastly"

to me he's a beast.

"I am creating a giant version of me."

Thats funny man. Getting to be Cus D'Mato and create a masterpiece has got to be awesome. And a 6'3 guy at 225 who is flexible would be great either cutting to 205 or going to HW.

I thought Bob Sapp was "The Beast" and the guy at 10th
Planet was "Beast".

Beast, The Beast, A Beast, Her Beast -- can't we all just get along??


A new "Beast" is good, a larger, meaner more contemporary version. Like the Hulk, Batman or 007, new and improved and sometimes in a different color, with more muscles and teeth...I like it! Black Bart

Sapp definately makes a better beast than Severn.

How about a little frickin creativity in our nicknames people!?

while we are on the subject doesn't Gary Goodridge know that Riddick Bowe is the real 'Big Daddy'?


Ever heard of John "The Beast"Mogabi(sp)Middleweight Boxer?


Beast is actually taking a day off today -- if I weren't a flaming infidel, I'd take this as a sign that the world is ending and Armeggedon is upon us.