The Beltran Pool

make your pick on where carlos beltran will end up being traded before the trading deadline



Red Sox




my guess: Padres

I'll go out on a limb and say the White Sox. They are off to a good start and could use the extra bat. Plus, it would help direct some attention away from the Cubs.

Double post

is that like going out on 2 limbs?

I needed the extra support. LOL

lose some weight!

i dont see the sox giving up what lil they have in the minors...but i do see them making a push in the off season

i hear that, but who wants his 8.5m for one year...that is unless the sox pickup about half of the contract...but i dont see anything like that happening til the off season

Corey Patterson & a young arm for Carlos Beltran?

Hmmmmm...Corey might want to start hitting a little better.

KC apparently wants a catcher and 3rd baseman

so that knocks a few teams out of the running

i dont think that they will get too much for him, since he is a free agent in a few months

i figure that the mets could get a lot more for kazmir & wright then just beltran for 3 months

well yea

but with boras as an agent, it would be difficult to get him away from free agency



A radio show guy here asked this question - If the Cubs were guaranteed a spot in the WS against the Yanks, would you trade Patterson, Brandon Harris (3b @ Iowa hitting like .320), Angel Guzman (young stud pitcher), and Francis Beltran (Cubs reliever, many think will be a closer)?

I think it's too damn much to rent a guy for 3 months even if it guaranteed the WS.

if anything guaranteed the WS in either boston or chicago they would go for it...

its just been too long!


It appears nobody had the Astros pegged as the team to snag Beltran.