The Benefits of Turkish Getups

I enjoy doing getups with kettlebells, but I can't really say I feel their benefits.

Why do them? What have you personally felt they are good for?

I do them 5 minutes twice a week for shoulder mobility and stability.

Properly loaded, TG improve total body strength.

The TGU is a great exercise, particularly with the barbell and kettlebell.

I'm looking to experiment with the sandbag with this movement.

Great total body strength developer, and it hits the shoulder/scapula in ways that help promote stability and mobility. That alone has crossover into other activities (bench, overhead pressing, squat, etc.).

Interestingly, although the TGU is identified primarily through the kettlebell, Russian Kettlebell lifters don't actually use the exercise at all.

TGUs, as 4Ranges points out, are great for shoulder stability, flexibitly, and strength. They are also awesome for core work as well as a good way to learn how to use your body as a unit.

I think that they help with bridging and sitting up in guard

 Hey 4-Ranges,

We do them all the time with sandbags. In some ways they're tougher than with one arm overhead.

We have some videos on our blog:

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Indrek - how heavy of a weight are you using when you do them?

I used to do them with 53's and it was hard work. Lately I've been doing them with 36's due to not having access to 53's.

I guess I'v felt that the total body effect isn't as big as the effect on the stabilizing shoulder muscles which always give in first...

im always afraid my shoulder is gonna give out from holding the weight up for so long, but its one of my favs right now.


Do them with sandbags then or even heavy bag. I'm actually starting to like these variations more than over head.

Not really sure why, but never looked forward to doing Turkish Get Ups...until recently.

For the past couple months, been going heavy on them, and been loving them. Dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, whatever...been mixing it up and one of my favorite exercises now.

 I have done them with a 70lb kettlebell and it was definately tough. great exercise imho.