The Bengals

Look great but the guys who keep fucking up are going to really hurt this team. Odell Thurman has all the talent in the world but the guy is a classic screw up. He was already in trouble, then gets caught drunk driving. Chad Johnson needs to pull Chris Henry aside and slap the hell out of him. He was IN the car with Thurman. Talk about STUPID. It would be a shame to see a team that finally has things together to get screwed over because their players keep screwing up, and it eventually WILL catch up to them. Marvin Lewis needs to get a hold on this team because if not there could be a self destruction on the horizon. Chris Henry is the dumbest player on that team, and Odell Thurman, who has pro bowl talent is not that far behind. After Chad Johnson on Best Damn said that stuff like this would NEVER happen again a few months ago I think he along with Willie Anderson and whoever else are leaders on that team need to pull these guys aside and make it real clear they are going to screw things up for everyone else if they do not make better decisions.


The Cincinattica Bengals


There are some good citizens on that team, however.  Madieu Williams, for one.  Great, great guy.

Too bad that two guys with all that talent are this retarted. I do not know how good Chris Henry is, but I'll take your word for it that he is that good. That makes it even worse, someone who could have a SERIOUS impact on the team making those decisions. It really does not matter how deep the Bengals are at LB Odell Thurman was on his way to being one of the better LB's in the game, but his stupidity is holding him back. I would think Thurman is the type of player you cannot replace. I would hate to see it come back and bite the Bengals in the ass if they were to struggle against a team that runs the ball well, and in that division missing someone like Thruman is huge. Denver has a lot of depth at LB as well but if we lost DJ, Gold, and Wilson it would hurt, bad, and they cannot be replaced. I do not think Thurman is quite up there with AL Wilson but he is as good as DJ and Gold and I could not imagine losing one of them. If the Bengals want to make serious run this year they had better get these kids in line.


why feel sorry for the Bengals? they wanted to draft these guys and misjudged their talent for desire, when they seem more interested in other things.

"what are these guys - 18 yrs old"

realisticly, yes, they are young, Alco you've posted before how much fun you have getting shitfaced with your buddies. These guys are no different and fresh from being the big men on campus in the biggest party scene in the world, college, the nfl just turns them from broke ballers to multi-millionaire ballers.

Warning signs woulda been there from the begining that these guys were just as interested in the status, money, fame, sluts, booze, and a kick ass time as they were in football, Bengals drafted them anyway, their own damn fault. Ray Lewis may be a bit of a fuck up off the field but at least he's unbreakable heart & soul for football.

"Ray Lewis may be a bit of a fuck up off the field but at least he's unbreakable heart & soul for football."

Granted he is the best MLB playing the game right now he is also a dumb ass and got away with murder and snitched on his frieds. Off the football field I think he is a piece of trash, on the field he is a monster and the best at what he does at his position.