The best and worst jiujitsu gi

My favorite gi is my Jeff glover lucky in terms of comfort and feel, my most hated although it was cool looking was my venom power gi, it ripped on the skirt sleeve and collar in 2 months. Phone Post

LOVE my Ouano

H A T E that lucky shit.
no point to it, just straight Jersey Shore rubbish

What's with everyone calling lucky gi jersey shore? It doesn't have gem stones on it. Phone Post

My favorite is my first gamness gi. Not sure which one it is but it has lasted a very long time and is super comfy.

I'm really liking my lite koral. I had a Fuji and it ripped very easily Phone Post

My favorite is my Koral gi. My worst is my gameness gi. The top feels like the heaviest of winter coats when I wear it. I like the gameness pants. However, when I wear the top, it feels like I'm rolling in 150 degree weather.