The best BJJ gi survey

Seeing that there are numerous enquiries on this topic here is a survey that may help ppl looking to get a new/another gi

Take the survey and see the results, make up your mind and go buy that new gi. Your say can help others who don't know or who cannot decide as they read/hear conflicting reports.

This survey is independent and is not sponsored by anyone.


I filled the survey.



Thanks to you and all the others who have completed the survey. It is hoped that you and others will find the statistics useful towards decision making when buying a new gi.

Look at the individual responses, the length of time spent training and possibly rank as indications of experience with hands on feedback on the gi.

Best training

You are welcome!

Hope to get more ppl to answer the survey. It will help us all in the long run. There is even a black belt who answered already!

Results so far: 29/11/03

Most popular:
26-30 year-old Blue belts with 1-3 year's BJJ experience training 3 times or more weekly, own, train, compete and recommend :

Atama - White - Gold weave

as the gi of choice.

See which gi is least recommended.

Put in your experience.

There have been people from all over the world responding including Canada, Australia, England, Brazil and more.

White to black belts have answered - thanks to all!

53 and counting...

Hi Doc
Sure, looking forward to rolling with you then. Hopefully Adam Kayoom (now brown belt) will be back also and maybe a visiting Japanese Purple belt will also be here to roll. One more, Richard should be around and you can get to experience being squished by him

See you

BJJ Gi SurveyBJJ GI Survey Results

man this thread again...


Interesting But I wonder how many of the less popular gi's are less popular simply because they are harder to get?

Many schools offer Krugan, Howard and atama in their schools so it is no suprise that these would be more highly owned.

Iteresting that only 3 of the 18 people who own a Krugan would reccomend them.

Looks like some of the other Gi makers need to push their brands a bit better.

Oh you should add a comments section to make it more worth while to manufactures this way they could see what people like and dont like about the brands that they own.

Hi Popeye

To conduct a full marketing survey costs money as a properly designed questionnnaire that seeks accurate and timely data is work. Perhaps retailers and manufacturers who read this may be interested to conduct their own survey or employ me to do one - my BSc is in Marketing - and is usually part of a advertising and promotion campaign.

Thanks for your comments and all the 101 people who have taken the survey. I wish I could give you something in exchange for your time taken to answer but as indicated this is not a sponsored survey... maybe in the future eh?

yeah yeah yeah now where is the free gi you promised me?

Why can't I see the results??

nice work!!

Results 2/12/03

187 answers:
train 3 times a week 78 (41.71%)
been training BJJ for 1-3 years 88 (47.06%)
I am 26-30 years old 60 (32.09%)
Blue 77 (41.18%)
Purple 35 (18.72%)
White 34 (18.18%)
White w.stripes 23 (12.30%)
Brown 14 (7.49%)
Black 4 (2.14%)

Gold weave trainer 64 (34.22%)
Gold weave competitor 64 (34.22%)
White gi 167 (47.58%)

Top 3 most recommended gi:
Atama 57 (30.48%)
MKimonos 27 (14.44%)
Koral 18 (9.63%)

Top 3 not recommended gi:
Other 44 (23.53%)
Krugans 26 (13.90%)
Century 16 (8.56%)

done the survey now.