The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period

This whole sound check is awesome to watch. Watching the guys work through the songs is super cool. Rippers vocals are absolutely ridiculous and Desert Plains sounds so freaking good.

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Nice ^^^

Ripper is a fucking beast. Halford and Priest are at the top of the food chain imo but Ripper pulled off the unthinkable when he stepped in for the Metal God. His live performances were amazing.

I wish they would include his work on ‘98 Live Metal Meltdown on their streaming catalogues.

To be fair here is Rob at his best. Perhaps the heaviest song he’s ever performed. The whole band is on fire.

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Works for me.

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Here we go.

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This is how they use to do it in Cali.I’m very surprised the Cow Palace isn’t on there.

Good. Bitch.

Been on a Down / COC kick lately


Saw Metallica last week. James is holding the band together. Voice still sounds great. The other three sounded like shit, but they played Blackened, so I can die happy

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Metallica has opened up with Blackened a couple of times.

Metallica opening songs.


Cool - must have included shows from way back. Last week they opened with Whiplash. The only other deep cut they played was No Remorse, which was cool to see live

Just checking the shows I’ve been to of them, they’ve opened with:

  • So What
  • Breadfan
  • Die, Die My Darling
  • Hardwired
  • Whiplash

I saw them a few years ago, they closed with Creeping Death, damnit, I can’t remember what they opened with.