The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period

To be fair, he couldn’t fight back

Yeah that sounds about right

Ozzy has new shit out in September.This song has Jeff Beck on the guitar.

Say what???

Tracii Guns surprised fans attending L.A. Guns’ Thursday night (June 23) concert in Plano, Texas, performing the entire set from a backstage bathroom.

“So we have a unique situation,” the guitarist explained in a post to social media. “A lot of people know I have a panic disorder. While I have it 95 percent under control, heat is the remaining trigger and I simply cannot play in the heat. BUT!!! We have found a solution for todays show I will be playing in a comfy bathroom directly behind the stage where there is air conditioning.”

Guns and his team ran cables to the nearby bathroom, and set audio equipment up in the makeshift space so he could listen and perform with his bandmates onstage. The guitarist even streamed his performance on Instagram Live for fans who wanted to watch him play.

Impressively, the setup seemed to work, with the venue’s in-house video screen also showing Guns’ performance (you can see some of the footage below).

The idea for the bathroom setup came from L.A. Guns bassist, Johnny Martin.

“Tracii wasn’t gonna play the show at all. Because his anxiety is still pretty prevalent,” Martin explained in an Instagram comment. “He said to me (earlier today) that he wasn’t going to do the show, because the heat was just too unbearable to his condition. And that we’ll just have Ace [Von Johnson] cover his parts. So, basically, us play as a four piece.”

I’d take the refund. Good on him for playing the show I guess.


Missed this one.

She was at all the shows here at the huntridge back in the 90s

Right on.

Motley Crue’s old dancers the Nasty Habits.

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I imagine nobody in here listens to Vext but he had a new one come out today, I gave it one listen and I liked it. Was late to liking some Bad Wolves songs since I did not care for their Zombie cover but learned to like a few songs before Vext departed, plus I dig his outspoken conservative views even if he seems obnoxious at times.

Also a few years ago I remember seeing him in a really small Iowa town with Westfield Massacre not realizing he’d become famous


That works ^^^


^^^ you’re the best, I don’t think you’ve ever posted something I didn’t like

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Except for maybe your profile pic. If you could explain to me how to get into Bell Witch… I have tried, I feel like like maybe what they are doing is over my head