The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period

weird one from todd and company


My neck of the woods.


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You didn’t like it at all? I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like it’s better than Reverence, but not Ire. There is some heavier stuff on it. I will probably listen again in a few months and see how I feel. One thing I know for sure is I don’t like that every song is the same mid-tempo anthemic rock feel. Change the tempo up occasionally

I’m trying really hard to like it. I’ve been listening to it in the gym most the week.

I liked Ire and thought Reverance had its moments. Two songs have grown on me from this album. Like Napalm and Soul Bleach are decent. I think if it weren’t from such a powerhouse band I wouldn’t be so hard on it. I’m having flashbacks to St. Anger. Lol

Elvira’s birthday.I don’t know if she was into metal or not.

Disgruntled classic Queensryche fans can shit on La Torre all they want for not being Tate, but he’s singing at a level Tate will never be able to again, unfortunately.

Geoff Tate is a boob.

This week Ozzy sold 52,500 units of Patient Number 9, to score #1 on the Billboard charts…

Or 897,878 fewer units than Pearl Jam sold in the first release of vs to achieve their Billboard #1.

Times have changed.

Yeah that’s just physical units.

Guns N Roses have unveiled a massive Use Your Illusion I & II box set featuring 96 songs,including 63 previously unreleased tracks.

Good song to learn,but damn…how many times did she look at the camera to make sure that we were watching?

Haha. Fuck man ya ruined it for me. That’s all I could concentrate on. Lol

Holy shit I really enjoyed that. Super cool.

Waiting for maiden to start right meow

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