The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period

The “social media is fucked up” angle has become trite as hell in music videos, but this is a decent song nonetheless. Todd sounds great here.

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Yeah it’s a good song. Really tired of the whole “fuck social media“ thing. Especially when 100 percent of these dudes are on it.

Was just about to say before that the only thing I can nitpick about Lamb Of God’s new album is that the premise of every song is “the world is doomed”. To be fair that has kind of been Randy’s thing for all of their career though.

It just gets old after a while hearing these bands saying “the world is going to shit”, blah blah. Well yeah, since civilization began, it has been. This is nothing new. Find something else to talk about or maybe even construct a concept or premise that finds a shred of hope in all of it. There are plenty of good things happening in the world too.

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I believe these bands are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. If they start putting out songs that touch on any semblance of optimism, they’ll be accused of being “cheesy”.

As for Queensryche, as huge a fan as I’ve always been of Geoff Tate as a singer, I’m glad he’s not in the band anymore. I know many other fans are still not accepting of La Torre being the frontman, but if Tate were still in the band, the thing that matters the most would be adversely impacted - the songs.

Let’s face it, the man has openly admitted to not being a big metal fan, and it surely showed in the last few albums before his departure.

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HB Jeff.

I’m so glad I got to see them in their prime. Jeff’s live vocals aren’t quite what they used to be.

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I’m not one who notices stuff like that because,I just heard them because they were on tour & he sounded ok to me.They are also going to do one of those gigs where they play in Las Vegas for awhile.

I seen them the 1st time in Sacramento at the Oasis Ballroom when their name was City Kidd.

I think they lost their drummer Troy Luccketta,he stepped away from the band for awhile.

got tickets for Machine Head

HB Red Rocker.


Oh man,I just seen a Grandma that had to be at least in her 80’s karaoke Rob Zombie.I wish that I knew how to copy & paste,but it doesn’t work on Facebook.

HB Joey.

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The cover tune you probably never saw coming. I damn sure didn’t.

I take back everything i said about deathcore

Not really but

Lorna shore is fucking awesome

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My favorite AC/DC album released today in 1978.

Testing or I’m taking it down.

That was the Grandma that I was talking about at post 3352 ^^^^

I like for bands to be diverse as far as songwriting but in the end it doesn’t matter if it’s personal, and really good. It just gets annoying after a while hearing old dudes say the world is ending.

Yeah I agree. Geoff was a big reason why I ever became a fan of Queensryche. However I have not liked the direction the band has taken under his lead, it’s not even the hard rock influence because that’s fine, it’s just what the other members are not able to contribute. There is no cohesion or glue that connects the songs together.

Todd is just as good as a vocalist IMO and just has a way different style. He’s got that “ahhhh!” quality you hear in Halford, Dickinson, and a lot of power metal vocalists. These last few albums his voice has matched their increasingly proggy stylings perfectly, I’m a big fan, regardless of what the band accomplished during Geoff’s tenure.

As you mentioned, Todd is just better for the band at this point, and they put out better music.

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God dammit,I just logged out of Facebook.I found it on my Facebook feed.Hold on lets see if it’s still there.

I find Dream Theater’s songwriting diverse, but I have such a love/hate relationship with James Labrie’s vocals. Some songs he sounds stellar, but there are others where he’s completely unintelligible when he’s at the top of tenor range. The excessive breathiness for the sake of being more emotive gets annoying as hell, too.

Yes, I hear a lot of Dickinson’s vocal traits/habits in Todd’s singing, too. A little bit of Ray Alder, as well.