The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period


These guys are absolute monsters

If you listen to modern hardcore, these guys are some of the best out there

Holy shit what a show

Alien Weaponry opened and fucking JAMMED

Gojira rules


Fucking love In Flames. Colony and Carcass’ Heartwork got me into growls.


Awesome bro! What an epic line up (Would have been unbelievable 10-20 years ago - the aftershock fest?)

Probably one of the last live concerts before the shitstorm
EDIT: In my drunkeness I got your name mixed with crowbar. Apologies.

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Consider yourself blessed. They deliver an ungodly amount of intensity.

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This brings a different vibe to the gig posted above

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Yeah, I’ve seen this one. I believe it was from the show they did with Devin Townsend and Opeth. Motherfuck, if only that had been an entire U.S. tour.

This was definitely a comeback album to me. “The Astonishing” had a few good moments, but overall left me feeling “wtf?!”.

Based on what I’ve heard from their newest coming out this month, I’m a little nervous, though.

Congrats on the show! Sounds like a special one

Yeah, idk. It was super long which you kind of expect, but at the same time it dragged on a bit. It was good but it was missing their brand of “magic”. I think they tried to be Rush instead of being themselves, and it showed.

My buddies band just released their new album. Fucking intensity personified.

My buddy Matty plays the clean solo near the end of the track.

Getting a little blast from my teenage nu metal past tonight. Seeing System of a Down and KoRn tonight at the T-MOBILE.

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Wait, System is touring the US?

Yes. Starting tonight in Vegas!

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Holy shit, I gotta look up my area.

This is what I figured. For the last 10 years they’ve either been doing like 1-2 weeks in a few states, or touring in Europe. I won’t hold my breath on them doing a proper US tour.

Hell of a light show from Gojira on this new tour.


Good to see some stage shows in this thread ^^^^


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