The Best Damn Heavy Metal Thread Period

Right on SpartaKick.I have been off the internet going on two days.That’s cool to know.

Rich Franklin uses it as his walkout song.

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I walked Rich Franklin to the ring at UFC 115 and he absolutely walked out to this tune. Goosebumps man. One of the highlights for me.

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I knew about some celebrities but didn’t know that Tommy was bangin Jenna Jameson.

Damn he was tagging Bobbie after Jani also.


I guess Vince played in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving eve.His rib must be healed from falling off the stage not long ago.

39 years ago today.

A young Dimebag.

More detes on the first sentence, please. Tommy was with other celebrities or Jenna was?

Such a terrible way for Jani to go. His bit here is an all time classic:

Tommy was.I didn’t include the obvious ones of Heather & Pamela.

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Diamond Darrell.

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34 years ago today.Sounds like it was recorded in a studio.

RVD would know more.

38 years ago yesterday Metal Health hits #1 in America.The 1st heavy metal album to reach the top spot.


Cum on feel the noize has been referenced as the catalyst for the heavy metal craze that kicked off in the early 80’s. I wore that damn tape out.

Metallica is bringing it on Triller!

Good stage show.

Opened up with Fuel.

Four Horseman

Fail Just For Laughs GIF

Rampage talking with Briggs now.

I love Metallica but Fuel is one of the worst songs to ever be written in any genre. I hate it

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Gotcha. Was curious if there were others I did not know about.