The Best Damn Ronda 'Armbar Assassin' Rousey Highl

 Here's my latest HL peeps Enjoy!

The Best Damn Ronda 'Armbar Assassin' Rousey Highlight

Someone can embed. :)


 The Armbarista, servin' up Armbars 24/7. Nice highlight!

Thanks. Armbarista I like it. Ronda now as Rickson status.

 ttt for a bad ass hl video getting lost in all the 151 drama.

this is another epic vid done by the master

mean. she is pretty vicious

. Phone Post

Nice work OP.

ANother great vid, thanks.

NotImpressedByYourScreenName - Her armbarrs are so nasty but her BamBam GnP from full mount is almost comical. Yet she still manages to get every opponent to turn and give up the arm. Must pack some power for arm punches to hurt... Phone Post

Ronda only uses her GnP to get her opponents to not think about the armbar. So far it seems to be working. Phone Post

R Phone Post