The best entrance in MMA eva?

PRIDE GP 2000 Royce vs Sakuraba

Thanks japetto

this is for the TUF NOOOBS

good point ArtV

two words: Genki Sudo

he didn't have entrances, he had productions

Genki is good but come on man, PRIDE GP 2000 had Royce coming BACK to pro MMA with his entire fucking family - minus Rickson - in the Gracie train and 3 Sakurabas coming out in the Super Strong Machine masks

not only that Antonio Inoki came out with the flowers

 I also liked it when Sak came down the ramp dressed like Super Mario....complete with mustache and music.....

......damn he was the shit.


all that only has meaning to someone who gives a shit about MMA

you show a Genki Sudo entrance to anybody - whether they care about MMA or not - they will be fascinated

ya that's why I asked what's the best MMA entrance eva

no, you asked what's "the best entrance in MMA eva"

ok ya Kimo carrying the cross was badass

hubris - ok ya Kimo carrying the cross was badass

If I'm okay and you're okay.....

....then explain THIS. 

brianmeyers - 
If I'm okay and you're okay.....

....then explain THIS. 


Joe Son's cross-carrying was more amusing because it actually fatigued him before his fight even started

Agreed. The Gracie train. Kimo and that freaking huge cross, which probably gassed him for the fight. Joe Son is an idiot. And Sudo's entrance for Colosseum fight with Pederneiras. Sapp's were lame as hell.

I believe that any answer here not involving the name Genki Sudo is a fail.

The man could have choreographed michael jackson music videos. every time was epic.

That's my favorite too

I challenge anyone to top this.

Genki sudo had the best entrances eva

Tank coming out with his 86'D for life shirt, classic.