The best in the Biz

I'm growing tired and time stands still before me.

Does every one have every thing? Do you have enough? Make sure you practice. Make sure you don't get tunnel vision, Integrate all the principles and concepts in all aspects of your life not just what's in front of you.

WILL YOU TWO STOP FIGHTING!! Fighting is for beginners. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you will see soon enough.

Was that me?

I don't have the same movements I use to. Can someone change me? What, it depends?

I can't hear you, Talk louder... Stop yelling, what do you think I'm deaf.

We don't need no

There I go again. Shit!

Are you sure every one is all set.

Not much time left. I'm tired, I'm gonna go to sleep.

Tired? Maybe it's your ears.

I've got it all! Got any more? How do these fit together?? Oh, silly me!


Sorry, was that too loud?

I'm almost set, comfortably numb... ;~o

Jan 11 2002 Obituaries


Born Jan 5, 2:14 AM. 2002 - Died Jan 11, 2:14 AM. 2002

Cause of death: Toenail Cancer. Or suspected murder by the Tong.

M.J. was a little rude and out spoken but sincere. He was saddened by the state of the people. He thought people already possessed what they needed to grow. But instead of embracing these natural qualities they are persuaded to follow idols and non-personal avenues. M.J. opened his heart and home to feed and nourish the sick and homeless, only to be rudely ignored and robed by starving patients. Smiling on the outside he weeps inward in hope that some day his children will become independent. Not a fool, he realizes there will be those who will disregard any knowledge of any kind unless uttered by the mighty ones. Or they will simple pu pu any knowledge for lack of understanding. He would say, "Oh well what are ya gonna do?"

He was proud of his children, and had a great sense of humor, poking fun of the standard ways and wished, someday they would be lost. Thrifty, he valued his 8 cents, but he also believed that knowledge costs. And that money should be used wisely if one is serious about any endeavor. But unlike most, he was open to opinions.

He secretly lived under a bridge. But because of his position he kept that news to himself. There he sat strong and alone watching, and listening.
Feeling helpless and restrained from expressing his true thoughts. He accepted it, and he was alright with it. " People are trying so hard to get ahead by unnatural means, they are confusing them selves and actually retarding there growth and going backwards. Most have poor if no planning."

He was thankful for what he had. And every now and again he would request a small favor. And though most were happy to oblige, there were those who selfishly keep taking and taking never returning a thought. And still he offered more. " If people are still stealing food, the must still be hungry."

"Every one wants to be a teacher, an authority, to feel important, special. Look at me, I know what I'm doing. We have a society of close minded, stuck-up, insecure adolescents parading around trying to find themselves at the expense of others. Bull shit. Learning is an adventure, Teaching is an obligation. "

" Most are blindly looking to others for the answer. And if they had put forth any or some effort and had some confidence in their own ability they would realize they had the answer all a long."

M.J. believed everyone had something of value to offer. And every one was different in there own particular way. And expressed it with there own personality. He would encourage this. And always say. "Be yourself, but yourself will change in time."

I think the most important message he tried to emphasize was that people go through various stages in life. Childhood, teenage years, young adults, middle age then elderly. And the perspective changes within each cycle. What you may think is important in one stage of your life. May not be so important in another. As the old saying goes" If I only new back then, what I know now, things would have been different." He would say. " Life is about totality. Connecting the dots. Your concept should integrate all aspects as a whole. No separation, and full respect to all.

M.J. wasn't with us very long. But I no he would have hoped he had a little impact on our approach to what ever it is. He requested we conclude with a verse from Hendrix.

" I didn't mean to take up so much of your sweet time, I'll make it up to you one of these days.

If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll meet you in the next one.

Don't be late. Voodoo Chile"

The family invites all of you to Ruby Chow's for Beef and mushrooms with lobster sauce, and Root beer.

Please send all donations to the Home for little wanderers. J.M.



That was your sister? Oops!

Pass me a vunikin, straight up.

Crabbie Pattie? Watch your mouth!

Have you seen my toes?

Put your hand on the book!

Raise your right hand!

Take off your hat!!!

Nice house, thanks for the beer!

Found my glasses, where's my damn hat?

Conference? Can anybody play?

Whose brochure is this?

Nice moustache, the color suits you.

Which aisle is the Charmin in? Just one squeeze...

Happy New Year!

damn u r good. hopefully u r right.

In the weeds.

The most interesting thing to me though is the following progression.

Hey M.J. you little snot nosed, runny eyed, pus suck'in, tooth decay'in, car jump'in, pecker pull'in, vegetable eaten, rope skip'in, star gaz'in, laundy wash'in, dog pat'in, finger pok'in, Sifu quack'in, so good for someth'in.

I dont know what finger poking,Sifu quacking means...butrope skipping,stargazing,laundry washing are seemingly positive attributes...Maybe its just as simple as MrMaffei is too polite and generous and he just got fed up and needed to vent or balance it out a bit and used an alter ego to do so.

Im lost,but the feeling I get is sadness. Like when you are going into a museum and you have to pass through this beautiful flower garden to get there and everyone is so intent on getting into the museum that they dont see the flowers and perhaps inadvertantly step on a couple.


well if this mental exercise is just to identify the movies from where these quotes came from, we could do all that. so it cannot be that simple.

gentle gene, where r u?

Are you look'in at me,..Are you look'in at me..

Say hello to my little friend.

Go ahead, make my day.

I'll be back.

I do believe in spooks.

Why don't you get a 45 and blow him away.

I'm not gonna hit ya, like hell I'm not.

Show me the money.

Here's Johnny.

It was Bodzinni all the time.

Hey Jasper, What comes after 75? 76? That's the spirit.

From now on you pipers better call me RUGU!

I guess I told them.. M.J.

There's no place like home. Hey M.J. you little snot nosed, runny eyed, pus suck'in, tooth decay'in, car jump'in, pecker pull'in, vegetable eaten, rope skip'in, star gaz'in, laundy wash'in, dog pat'in, finger pok'in, Sifu quack'in, so good for someth'in.

Thanks for the advice. A man after my own fart.

Riddle? No riddle, It's blonde! Paul, thanks for the vote, glad you're aboard. Hang on tight!

GRRRR! Lief's in on it. Miguel, please punch him. thanks.

When san shou existed as an inter military competition, they often wore fatigures. The international sport adopted an amateur boxing like tank top with shorts approach. But never anything resembling a gi...

Props to Gene, the thinking man's man.
Paul, where are you??
-Leif. (still alive but mourning)

What do ya mean? The lights are ON.....maybe nobody's home! ;) -Leif.

Are we having fun yet. Hey Gene thanks for playing, where's my mind.
Hey Sharp, did ya like this one. I thought there were more warped and deranged people out there. Like Leif. nuk nuk nuk. Here I am Moe. Lighten up folks. Just poking a little fun. WOW. Serious crowd.

OK back to business.

Fundamentals of a cross.

1. Feet shoulder width apart.
2. Knees slightly bent.
3. Hands constantly moving around the face area.
4. Loose, relaxed. Wait, Wait. Boring.

Who put out the lights. J.M.

Joe and Leif,

I finally got my computer back. My bro, suffering from the affects of Leif's chi, opened a virus while using my computer. I could only get on at work and then only long enough to check e-mail before I was logged off for being in a forbidden site, go figure.

I was digging M.J., now I will go sing my rendition of Candle in the Wind, I like to call it, New Englands Rose.

-Paul "never thought I could be this sad" Sharp

Don't cry Paul. But please do me a favor. Sing louder, I'd like to see a group singalong happen. Every one hold hands, Or what ever ya want to hold.

A Rose by any other name?

I miss M.J. I loved the way he would jab the face, with that shit eaten grin, and that little chuckle. To funny. He must have hit too hard. No one ever comes back to spar. Hey Lief you got hit by him before, and you didn't take it personal. Right? Tough love. It's hard to see. J.M.

I'm STILL gettin' hit be him! Must be that chi from beyond the grave or something! You can't take it personally, sometimes the best way to teach some knucklehead to keep his hands up is to punch him in the face! Paul, glad to hear you're back! Sorry about that whole chi thing, it was just a phase... ;)

Maybe we should sing something a bit more apprpriate?

"...And the wind cries Mary..." Group hug! -Leif.

The candle that burns brightest,burns but for a short time.

Someone hacked Joe's account?