The best part of the UFC-Fox Deal--Your Thoughts?

There will be a lot of great and interesting discussion regarding the agreement, but what are you most excited about?

Personally, the fights on network TV should encourage fighters to be more exciting. No matter what is said, Zuffa will be pressured by FOX executives to have great and entertaining cards. Fighters will have to prove themselves worthy to be selected to fight on the network versus PPV. This should limited the number of fighters who lay-n-pray for the sake of a win.

And yes, a fighter would rather be on national TV than PPV, as they can turn that into endorsements or angle it for a slice of future PPV main cards.

how are they going to sell PPVs if all the exciting cards/fighters are on free network tv?

 100% without a doubt the best thing about this FOX deal... Per Dana White: They are doing away with the Gladiator intro.

 The cross promotional opportunities will be huge and the sport will be opened up to a much bigger audience than it already is. CBS never wanted to cross promote because they were scared of offending their core but Fox will cross promote. UFC promotional ads during NFL broadcasting will be huge for them.

 It also brings more barriers for other MMA promotions to make any headway. It will be very hard for other promotions to make the kind of money that would be viable for continuation because the UFC is so entrenched. The chances of competing with them is almost impossible at this point.

Nexuscrawlers - how are they going to sell PPVs if all the exciting cards/fighters are on free network tv?

It will be a balancing act. Because a TV exec is not going to let a 5 round championship fight kill two to three quarter hours.Zuffa will be pressured to by FOX and then Dana can further pressure the fighters.

Plus fighters who are exciting will have a lot more leverage when it comes to cut times. The general public will be more interested in seeing a guy like Wand lose by knockout than some other fighter just play the control game. The fan base of an exciting fighter will be stronger than a consecutive win streak.

Not as much focus on the bs in tuf more on training and fights!!!! Phone Post

great in every way except:

- I have extended digital cable and I don't get FUEL or FOX Deportes, so that means the average person doesn't get those either

- Nov 12 is the pacquiao/marquez III fight and now that UFC is the same night, I am going to have to either watch both at the same time which makes the attention suffer, or DVR UFC to watch after and miss the experience of viewing it live

tuf is at the core of this deal and tuf sucks so much ass.

sideloaded - tuf is at the core of this deal and tuf sucks so much ass.

 you must be miserable in real life.

lol who can stay awake watching tuf?

I'm curious what the Octagon will look like... That is prime advertising space and I doubt FOX will just give that up. Bud Light already has a working relationship with both, but I wonder about some of the other UFC sponsors.