The best price of UFC DVDs

Hey everyone, I was looking all over the internet to see what the best price for UFC 51 would be. I looked on all kinds of sites and browsed Ebay. When it was all said and done, I found this site:
They have the best prices on UFC dvds that I can find, and shipping is like a dollar. So I'm pre-ordering UFC 51 and getting an ADCC dvd for around 25 bucks total, including shipping. Just thought I'd spread my good fortune so all of us on here could get a good deal.

check out they have ufc 42 &43 for only $13. they also have KOTC and i think Ultimate Athlete events. check it out.

I have ordered from FCF a few times and everytime the stuff came well before I expected it so I am loyal customer of theirs.

You might want to check out the sporting good stores. A buddy of mine in Texas says that he gets his K-1 DVDs at an Academy and they are pretty cheap.