The Best Salad Dressing/Sauce Ever (Recipe)


16oz bag of baby carrots

2 cloves garlic

Juice of 1 lemon

Thumb sized piece if ginger, peeled and sliced

½ cup canola oil

1 small shallot,

1 T white miso

1 T sesame oil

1 T mirin

1 T rice vinegar

¼ c water plus more if needed.

Punch of salt (½ t)



1- Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor (I use a VitaMix b/c I’m fancy). 2- Blend/process until it has a dressing-like texture. 3- Taste for seasoning and adjust if needed. 4-Check for thickness and add water by the tablespoon if it needs thinning. 5

- That’s it. You have a quart of awesome sauce. Put it on anything.

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Make Vegetables Great Again

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