The best thing that could happen to Biden is a Red Tsunami in November

So, it seems to most that this current administration is a complete dumpster fire and as a result most feel that the Dems are going to get slaughtered in the midterm elections with the GOP possibly taking back the house, senate or both.

However, if the GOP takes over I think this is the best thing that could happen to Biden.

Hear me out, with the Dem supermajority in place all of the countries problems rest solely at that parties feet. However, if the GOP take over then Biden can spend the next two years blaming them and ramping up “I would have done XYZ which would have been great for the country but I’m being stopped by the racist republicans” rhetoric in front of the 2024 election.

Let’s be honest, if the 2024 election were today it would be a landslide against Biden regardless of his opponent. However, if Biden can find a fall guy to blame for the next two years for thr country being flushed down the toilet he just might be able to eek out a win in 2024.

So, my point is, a “Red tsunami” is a catch 22 as it definitely will help right thr ship in the short term but opens the door for Dems in 2024 since most of the population have short term memories.


The one thing Biden doesn’t have on his side is time.

Your scenario worked out wonderfully for Clinton and Obama.

Biden is nearly crippled physically, and mentally he is almost gone.

He doesn’t run for a second term, and if the dems primary against Kamala she will sink the whole ship and call them all racists.


Doesn’t matter.
I mean, that’s what she did with Biden to anyone who would listen (plus labeled him a sexual abuser) - and quite literally only a few weeks later, nobody gave a shit.


That was in primary debates between an ex vp and a Senator.

To primary against THE SITTING VP WHO IS THE FIRST WOMAN AND PERSON OF COLOR TO ATTAIN IT would be a fucking disaster. She could sink the whole thing.

The run Mayor Pete and Kamala shows up on Oprah and the view the dem blakc vote sits it out. He is white, she will call him racist, she will say she was marginalized in office, and let’s be honest… most black voters aren’t voting for a gay guy.

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I said it before and I’ll say it again:

The repubs ain’t winning shit. Maybe a couple might, but most dems are going to keep their seats.

And brandon is going to get re-elected in 2024 if he decides to run.

You’re not wrong. And maybe to the democratic party.
I’m talking about the American people at large.
I mean, during the primaries, she was SO undesirable that the American public en masse voted for quite literally anyone and everyone else. She goes on a tirade, publicly labeling Biden a racist and sexual abuser.
Only a few weeks later, people are rejoicing that she’s partnering with that racist & sexual abuser, and have forgotten the fact they wanted nothing to do with her, and instead are lauding her being VP as a landmark achievement for women, POC, and in politics in general.
Don’t underestimate the fucktarded stupidity of the average American - especially (hardcore) leftists.

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Shitty take.

Hilarious to see people already making excuses for future elections

the truest thing you’ve said.

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Care to wager on it?

30 days screen name bet if GOP takes either house or senate you lose. If they take both it becomes 60 days.

You in?

Ain’t that the truth.

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GOP is fucked because of the recent Roe v. Wade situation. Dem turnout is going to be crazy as a result.

I hope Biden doesn’t run again, but I have a feeling he might.

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While I wished they had waited till after November, I’m not sure if this will play a big a part as originally thought.

With all the other shit going on (gas prices, empty shelves, inflation etc) I’m thinking the abortion thing gets drowned out by all the other shit going on.

I think you’re underestimating their fervor on this particular issue. Time will tell.

Unless voting fraud is corrected I agree.

They just stole the fucking presidency and people dont think they will keep doing it?

They got CAUGHT doing it and nothing happened, why would they stop??

Polls before and after the Roe leaks haven’t changed much. Not sure if that means anything. But people are still far more concerned about gas prices and baby formula compared to the possibility of state-regulated abortions.

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exactly. Stupid card to play at a stupid time

Or a smart card to play by a Dem leaker in order to impact the election in exactly the way I described.

Huge legal risk for the leaker though.