The best type of supplement?

Which supplement, or which type of supplement, would you consider to have the all round best effect on anyone doing hard physical training?

At the moment i've been taking creatine for quite a while now. But in all honestly i don't really notice any difference in my recovery or in muscle size and mass whether i'm on them or not.

protein powder

I like to supplement my HARD WORK with PROPER PLANNING.

1 Protein powder- Taken right after a workout (at least 40g)

#2 Creatine- Taken right after a workout with juice, Magnesium pill, and protein powder (all help absorb) YOU MUST DRINK LOTS OF WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY!!! This is why it doesnt work for many people

#3 Calcium, and Zinc (however, you cant get these from a multi-vitamin due to Calcium blocking the absorbtion of Zinc. Get different pills and take a different times in the day)

#4 None of these matter if you dont get the basic nutrition down- Eggs, Brown rice, Chicken, oatmeal, Whole wheat pasta, etc... Dont waste your money on things like NO2, HMB, and Testosterone boosters. If you really want a boost in testosterone then make sure you are doing heavy Squats and Deadlifts.

E. Not enough information

lol @ creatine


Well on this evidence it looks like protein powder should be making an appearance on my shopping list...


Rusty Butterknife - lol @ creatine

Whats wrong with creatine?


Rest is never something i have to remind myself to do. :)

The best thing to do is avoid the hype and shiny packaging. Pretty much all NO supplements are a sham. Creatine is a good supplement, but just get a good micronized creatine. No need to get the gimmicky kinds.

A really good multi vit would be my number one, especially if you dont have a good diet. Protein would be right up there if you dont always have time to eat or dont prepare well. I prefer to eat my protein rather than drink it though.

^^^ I am no expert, have no scientific numbers, but I will say from personal experience and personal friends experiences, that NO (Nitric Oxide) are not a sham. I feel huge gains and increased workout abilities about 2-3 weeks after taking them consistently. But I do agree with not having to get the most expensive stuff. I have been buying mine from brawl nutrition. They are very inexpensive, and a very good product,in my opinion. Check it out at," target="ejejcsingle"

Fish oil or krill oil

LukeCranson - Fish oil or krill oil

FTW. Best supplement for life you can take.

In all honesty, for us older guys (30+ being old), glucosamine.

You can get around protein powder with tuna and chicken, etc, etc, etc. But glucosamine is damned helpful.

Illegal shit or GTFO.

Your question is akin to asking "what is the best car upgrade?" -way too many variables, it depends what area of your training/nutrition/physiology is lacking, and what your goals are.

i pretty much stuck with WheyPRotein

or made my own protein shake with