The Bible Code, Real or Hoax?

Who believes that the Bible Code, which is supposedly in the original text of the OT, is true? Supposedly there is lots of stuff in there about 911, Hitler, many modern political figures, and all other kinds of shit. It even predicted the assassination of that one Israeli prime minister, which was warned but the tragedy still occurred. But others claim to do the same thing with the book Moby Dick.

It also talks about a meteor hitting earth in 2012, but at the same time, talks about "I will crumble it, the world will be spared." The guy who discovered it was some hardcore Israeli mathematician. Supposedly Einstein was a hardcore believer trying to crack it, but never did. What do you think?

I think the same kind of stuff can be found in any text of sufficient length. I've never heard a single instance of someone using it to predict an event BEFORE it happened. I sincerely doubt that Einstein would've wasted 2 minutes on it. God is not a secret agent, hiding secret messages for super computers to uncover.

If God did write such a thing, and it could be uncovered, then we'd be able to prevent the events from coming to pass. It's predestination, only without the provision that only God knows, and that's the least logical kind.

What about Panin numeric codes?]

I'm going to have go rent Pi again.

What about Panin numeric codes?
Although my first reaction is very skeptical, this idea doesn't carry the same predestination implications that bother me so much about the idea of a bible code.
The bible code implies all kinds of theological strangeness. These Panin numbers are more like a reflection of a higher order showing up in bible numerology. Strange, but not potentially blasephemous.

While I believe the Bible Code to be BS, numerology played a large part of the wording of the Bible.

Total BS, for believers who buy into this...ask yourself this..Why would God use some sort of code, keep something secret from you in the very book that is intended to be a guide on how to live your life?

yours in Christ


It's a hoax.

And a pretty silly one at that.

See, the problem is that in modern western culture, a prophecy means something different than it did back in the day.

99% of prophets prophesize for their own generation- ie: what will happen in the next 5-15 years if you do not radically alter the path you are on. Very few prophets knew what was coming long-term beyond some bague notion of moshiach and fewer still saw anything about him. Also, in the cultural sense in ancient Israel, a prophecy had to be something everyone could see. G-d does not hide messages in the text that require who knows what to solve them. Even in the Gematria (a text of Hebrew numerology) there are no "secret" messages once you understand the basic principals, all the "revealed" relationships make sense. Beyond that, even the secret teachings of the Zohar and the Bahir do not contain secret messages, only messages for those who can see.


Just did some checking. The guy who wrote one of these books, Drosin, claims that either in the year 2000 or the year 2006, Jerusalem will be hit with a nuclear weapons from Syria and China will be invovled. As 2000 has past and 2006 is not that far away, shall we wait and see what is happen? If, at anytime during 2006, Jerusalem is hit with a nuke, or other WMD and Syria and China is involved, count me in.

his first book claimed it to happen in 2000

his follow up, which i didnt read, claimed it to happen later

its as much crap as you will find anywhere...go read the divinci code...its a lil bit more fun


Yet I saw the Bible code being held up as "yet more proof" of the divinity of the Biblical text by many Christians. (It's amazing how often it got dragged into conversation by debating Christians in on-line forums).

BTW, I just read an article not long ago about the Bible Code by a mathematician who applied the same code to all sorts of other books and found equally "amazing" sequences of words and predictions.

He also applied the same "bible code" to the Bible. I can't remember the exact words, but he found within the Bible something like: "The Bible code is a worthless hoax," or something like that.


it's the "Law of 5's":

any proposition can be connected to the number 5 proportionately to the ingenuity and/or persistance of the seeker of 5's.

ttt for Ryan

It's not a hoax-- insofar is a hoax intentionally perpetrated to decieve.

I think those who believe in the bible code genuinely believe in it, so are not hoaxers per se.

But the bible code theory is definitely bunk.

Nothing to it at all.

It was pretty fasicincating at first. I dont believe it but if God wanted to he could. I just dont see why he would have to tell use about Princess Di dying in a book the was written for us to go by.