the BIG lie

for centuries a lie,has been told to many off us,and it is easily provable that it is a lie

using the scriptures,for you can now look and see;


when you die,there is no saint peters gate,none of your love ones are in hell burning from the flames,or being tortured by demons.

Tell your pastors or preists to quit lying to you,and prove the existence of this place.

some will try to use a mis-translated form of the scriptures,don't believe it,go look and research for yourself....

cherrypicker,you should seek help,lots of help.don't lie,lots more than that!

robert, I tend to think you are a troll. Thats why you arent getting much response. I was born at night but not last night.

how dare you try to use logic and common sense in religion, HERETIC!!!