The biggest guy you ever beat?

How much bigger than yourself is the biggest and/or strongest opponent that you have ever beaten in a grappling or MMA match or practise?

At what point is your opponent simply too big for you to have a chance?

Just curious.

300+ Pound Guy who just got his bluebelt... by a footlock while under his mount.

I was 170 at the time.

It was the situp up as they sit up, go over a knee with your thigh and reach back and take the ankle lock / knee compression.

my favourate move

Please describe this footlock from under mount? Is it the buck him to the side achilles hold?

Please, also note how big YOU are. I'm assuming that you are not 299 pounds, right? :)

i beat a former nose tackle, he weighed 485 in 1996. i weighed 175-180 maybe. i tapped him with a rnc in a bar room cleared out for us to see who could tap who. the match was less than 5 minutes but i was exhausted. he came at me afterwards with an outstretched hand, i thought he was going to help me up. instead he slapped me and told me he didnt like being choked. my friends refrained me as i asked him outside.

once outside, he reconsidered and apologized and walked away. he died not too long ago, i think from obesity.

damn warfrog... guy was 5-9 315 all belt level.. I am 5-11 189

im 5'9" and weigh about 180 and tapped a guy who was a wrestler with some bjj experience who was 295...

LOL @ 'wrestling a waterbed'.

Funny if you just add the word OFF to the thread title, the whole dynamic of the thread changes.

i tapped fulton twice, but that considering we have grappled millions of times, and i paid for it dearly after i cuaght him off guard. 70 lb advantage for him. it will probably never happen again either but who knows.

I tapped Rey Diego (5th degree Carlson BB) a bumch of times in a private with him.

helwig theres a few variations of the footlock from being mounted,you can buck him to the side and get an achilles,or heel hook or you can take him straight over your head you can get figure 4 foot locks or toe holds as some people call them, and even kneebars from this,best move ever!!!!!!!!!!

340 pound guy at the gym. He was about 20 years old said he wrestled a little in highschool. I tied up he wasn't too athletic, pretty slow I was hoping he would shoot so I could counter with something but he didn't finally I shot a single and took him down. He turned his back right away and tried to stand up but I had a rnc on him and he tapped.

Some guy who weighed 265 pounds with a triangle choke. I was 165 so I guess that makes a 100 ponud difference. I havent had much chance to grapple with much bigger than that.

He was 260lbs., 6'3". I put him in the guillotine, and he tapped. I was 150lbs. at the time.

If his skills are so-so, then I don't feel too great tapping that fellow.

One of the best submissions I ever got was when I was a 3 stripe white belt and I caught a purple from brazil with a triangle. He made me pay 10 times over for it, but catching him that one time was great.

bill brasky and ross clifton

I'm about 150, tapped a guy who was about 280, much stronger too.

Bent his BIG toe away from the other ones.

Im 155, got a guy who was 260 in an absolute division first round... I took him down to half guard, got mount, and he rolled and was in my guard. I caught the triangle.

I had a streetfight with a guy who was 225-235, I weighed 135 soaking wet.

In trainig I rolled with a guy nicknamed House. He was about 300 lbs and not very technical. I could not tap him cause I couldn't move him from my guard. When we sparred I blackened his eyes.