The biggest lies ever told :)

The biggest lies any grappler has ever told (feel free to add any more that you have heard).

1. "We'll only roll lightly."

2. "I promise I won't cum in your mouth baby."

3. "I'm not posting on the forum anymore."



"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

'I'll tap if it hurts'

"Weight has nothing to do with who wins a grappiling match!"

"99% of fights end on the ground"

"I will beat you Jason"

well maybe not a lie, but a clear case of the incorrect

"It's OK if we love each other"

Girl : 'You can stay in my bed but we cant have sex...okay'

Me: of course Not


"I'll call you"

"yeah of course we can still be friends"

"the cheque is in the mail"

When trying to escape out the window of an ugly chicks room; "I just wanted some fresh air"

When trying to pop the virgin cherry: "I love you"


'I love you' lmao

If you extend the "I love you" lie to any time your horny then evey man on the face of the earth is guilty of that one. The "I love you" lie is generally closely followed by the other classic fib "I'll pull out".

Dave "I have never used any of these lies" Krstic.

Girl: 'I really never like going down on guys' 'I mean it doesn't matter anyway, right?'

Me: No No ofcourse not

Relationship ended soon after.

Of course if you are particularly callous, and unlikely to see the party in question ever again, "I'll pull out" can be substitued with "I've had the snip"



'Thats not the right Hole'

'oh , sorry my bad'

'Thats still not the right hole'

'really ? are you sure?'

LMAO @ Byron and Aaron....Legends both!

Ben, do you have STD's? We are all friends here, you can tell us Scabby Mc pus c'mon :)


Ben, so true I'm still not fit, you mean they lied to me? :0


"I was drunk"

"I promise I won't tell anyone"

"Why would I wanna fuck her-I love YOU,baby"

'I dont know how it got there ...and besides why would I wipe my cum on your curtains anyway ?'

Cum on Curtains...

Il leave that there...