The Blacklist

Anyone else watch? Does everything despise Elizabeth Keen as much as I do?


It jumped the shark season 3.

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I thought season 2. or maybe i could just tell that’s where it was going.

awesome first season. lost interest somewhere in the 2nd. you could just tell it wasn’t going anywhere.

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I held on hope longer than necessary. You’re probably right.

I pray for her death in every episode now.

Red is (was?) such a great character. This is just what network television does.

In most cases, it would appear that tv shows have a 50 to 80 episode shelf life for keeping a high quality narrative with a satisfying and meaningful conclusion.

A show like this is not interested in pulling off a high quality, long-term story line with closure.

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I can’t imagine any explanation Red gives next week that would actually give a satisfactory reason for everything that he’s done.

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