The Bloodiest Fight I have ever seen...

Was at the IFL this past weekend in New Jersey. I know that HKP posted some pics of it, but here are some of mine. You can read my blog about the entire weekend including partying in NYC with Rampage and Arianny here:

IFL: Carmelo Marrero vs Mike Ciesnolevicz
- - CombatLifestyle Nightlife

IFL: Carmelo Marrero vs Mike Ciesnolevicz
- - CombatLifestyle Nightlife



 Nice pics!



Yup it was maybe the bleedingest cut id ever seen. If they let it go longer definatly the bloodiest.

Squirt for squirt bloodiest.

 Yves Edwards vs. Joe Stevenson was a bloodbath as well.

LOL, Rampage with Pavlik is cool.


That guy looks like somethin straight out of a horror movie... the next jason perhaps?

Hieron/Goulet is by far the bloodiest I've ever seen.

Makes me hungry.

Dewees/Ray didn't have blood smeared all over the place, but Edwin probably lost the most blood in a fight from my recent memory.

+1 for Stevenson and Edwards. There was a ring of blood halfway around the cage!

Bloodier than Horn v Lister?

Hieron v Goulet

friggin Tony Fryklund has that award...


I guess no one remembers the Florian Sherk fight

OMG wow!


My chips dont taste right, after I just looked at those pics.. Thanks TracyLee! lol