The BLURRING of Lines: Promoter/Matchmaker/Manager

Here is the second in what I intend on being a continuing series of informative articles on areas of concern in the MMA industry.


Matchmaker / Manager:  "Hey dude, I need a 170 for a card in February, the guy your fighting is a rough around the edges and has 1 pro fight, what do you think?"

Fighter:  "Maybe, what's the pay?"

Matchmaker / Manager: "Well, the promoter's budget is pretty tight, and seeing as the guy your going against should be a walk in the park I was able to get you $400/$400 plus some gas money and 2 nights accommodation."

Fighter:  "$400/$400? but I got $600/$600 for the last fight you got me."

Matchmaker / Manager:  "Yeah, but that guy was a stud and you're getting 2 nights in a hotel in this one.  I'll only cut my fee from the purse."

Fighter:  "Hmmmm, alright, cool

Matchmaker / Manager:  " Hey, I got your card. Looks pretty good and I came in $500 under budget for you."

Promoter:  "Great, I'll have my office cut your $2,000 fee check."

Matchmaker / Manager:  "Appreciate it, I've got access to a ton of fighters so look me up for your next promotion and I'll put together another great show for you."

Off in a lab somewhere getting blood drawn for the athletic commission...

Fighter:  "$400?...why couldn't he get me more?  he was putting the card together wasn't he?"


The line between Promoter, Matchmaker, and Manager are often blurred by particularly opportunistic people in the industry.  While it is possible to separate the roles and the obvious conflict between the interest represented by each, fighters are left on the short end of the deal when it is not.

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