The board is DEAD....

Lightning Kickbox killed this forum. On a side note, stretch marks can be a beautiful thing. it all depends on location, location, location!!!

like so:

absolutely stunning!

 yep, not posting at work hinders me.

keep yo moma off this forum dj!

 My point exactly. I give you people the beautiful gift of booty and out of 27 views I only get one reply, and that's from non-other than The Legend himself???

You people disapoint me. I miss the good 'ol AL UG. I'm talkin like back when me and Joey and Will Blankenship were like the top ammys in the state and Chris and Dave H. were tearin up the pro scene and LM was talkin all crazy on here everyday and then going back and deleting all her crazy posts.......sigh

 Oh damn, as I was writing that I got a reply from Mr. mamybamybo-wamy!

And if my momma looked like that I'd be pounding it as hard as I do YO MOMMA!!!


This picture cracks me up so I had to steal it off Crump's myspace. Look at Seth's face...

mataplata - rudy is the only one that doesnt look like they make their money from 'personal' ads on craigslist.

Hey! I've never even been to Craiglist so im not really to sure what that means. Im sure it wasnt good though

it wasn't

looks like a fucking backstreet boys reunion to me!!

you guys suck!

joey101 - looks like a fucking backstreet boys reunion to me!!


Seth is, obviously, the Bad Boy.

I would have to say that I look more like Sloth from the Goonies in this picture than a boyband member

^^^^ DAMN! that's harsh! LOL!

RIP DJ Watkins...this is the last thread he posted on the AL-UG. Fitting that it would be one with a great ass on it. You will be missed brother.





I contemplated removing the thread due to well the passing of DJ and the title, but I think not all, but most can agree with me that DJ probably would have wanted to keep this going, because of his sense of humor.  RIP my friend!