The Boys Homelander is a Trump analogue - series creator

The first season was entertaining then it went full agenda.

ffs you weren’t kidding

A real glimpse into the sick, paranoid mind of progressives.

You don’t post often but if you did you’d be up there with childpedohero, Cliff_Booth and mdmrules in the idiocy department. Impressive work kiddo

Your boy Biden is in office. Who’s laughing now, faggot?

Biden voters should get an “L” tattooed on their forehead.

99.9% chance Kripke has had a penis in his mouth.

Like the majority of liberal men.

"The Boys’ Eric Kripke: “The Most Dangerous People Are The White Dudes Standing Next To You”

Yep, I’m sure there’s no political bias in this show.

It’s all a right wing conspiracy:


Checks early life section on wiki… checks out

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Just a “fellow white person” letting everyone know his people are evil.

The comics are much better, there is no comparison to the show, they inserted bullshit in the show from the get go.

If you have to explain your analogy for anybody to even aknowledge it then your analogy probably sucks.

Hope tomorrow lives up to the hype.

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