The Boys Season 3

mothers milk is nuts. using guns & shit on supes, surefire suicide mission. He should thank his lucky stars billy butcher was looking out for him.

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Bluehawk ain’t carrying nobody nowhere


Not if he has your shit attitude thats for sure


yeah pretty sure bluehawk is dead

So black noir obv cut out the tracker vought has in it’s supes. is he gonna go rogue? big showdown with soldier boy?

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Sipping Drink Judging You GIF by PT Media

Im still holding out hope that they can some how stay true to BN in the comics

I was jumping off the couch for the Boys episode tonight than the last episode of Kenobi!!!

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That fight scene was fantastic. I was legit out of my chair. But I knew what happened at the end was what was going to happen. They should have had him get hit with a glancing shot from the beam like on the shoulder or something, causing a partial temporary de-power, 15% or so we could see him spiral when he realizes he’s no longer completely invincible.


I think he knows he was about to be killed.


I agree. But an episode where he knows he’s now vulnerable to just one decently powered supe like Maeve would have been fun.

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Another black man viciously attacking a white man over words


MM with his victim, white people are racist bullshit is annoying

Frenchie sucks, but I want to fuck Nina

Starlight obviously has had work done, but she’s still a a hottie. Especially at the end of the episode In just plain clothes

Great episode


Well the whole racism angle is dead now with that ending today

Damn, they literally made up for all the cock & balls in one episode. Also the Deep is a straight OGer with his plastic bag at the end.


Great episode, though I thought Herogasm itself would be a lot more outrageous with the way they sold it in the lead - up. Curious to see what Noir is going to do now that he’s gone dark.

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Best episode of the whole series !!! Homeland vs Soldier Boy, Sups sex party, crazy blonde pulling her own hair, Octopus giving blow jobs (again) , Russian girl explaining why frenchie is a bitch, POS sup dying while killing another POS sup…DAMNNN


The Frenchie storyline is a fast forward every time they are on screen.

We get it. You hate yourselves and are soulmates.

Worst part of the show by fucking far.


The parody of the imagine song was so great. I don’t see how people still don’t realize this show holds nothing back making fun of both sides if the political spectrum.

I don’t care what the creator of series says. All you have to do is watch the show too see it. Imo they nail it for both sides. The celebrities singing imagine had be rolling.


“Denial” isn’t just a river in Egypt.