The Bulldog vs You!

Darrell Smith (170 lb) has signed up for Colosseum Combat IV!

To be held in Monticello, IN at the Brandywine Complex on

 Feb 3, 2007

Who wants a piece of the Bulldog?


No one has signed on for this one. hmm.


No one is up for this one?

Whats his weight?

Whats his weight?

170 lbs

Perhaps you shouldn't act like everyone is scared of him. He has a losing record with over thirty fights, so I think there is someone who is willing to take the fight, you just need to give people a couple days. Pretending that no one is up to the gargantuan task makes you seem...ummm....stupid?

PS TTT for an opponent.

His record is not as deep as yours Logan. I see you have fought only the best.

I've got 4 guys at that weight. Maybe we could work something out with one of them. Could you give a few more details? Or if you leave an e-mail I could send you some info.

Mail sent


16-18-1 and fights from 155-185?What is his height?

Is this a pro or amatuer fight?

Always weird how our sport lets us fight as amatuers after we have fought as pros.Ever notice that while looking at the dates of alot of guys records?

I think more often than not databases are inaccurate. I've seen pro fights listed as amateur and vice versa.

ttt for the Indiana Bulldog

I'll kick his ass in 2 years. Until then I'll STFU.

ttt for meaty passing the bones.

I filled that thing one ever contacted me

Ha, I like that Jab feels the need to talk trash to me. I have never pretended like people are scared to fight me or acted like I have beaten the best in the business.

You talk shit about your boys, and you act like people are scared to fight them, but you think we shouldn't criticize them. Good stuff.