The Cage Fighter - a movie with Gray Maynard

Starring Ving Rhames, Ernie Reyes Jr, Frank Shamrock, George Takei and Gray Maynard, this movie came into my work today (video rental store) and it looks shocking.

"Johnny Sanchez (Ernie Reyes Jr.) dreams of driving fast cars, partying in fancy cribs, and cage fighting with the big dogs of Las Vegas. After scraping out a meager existence as an auto-mechanic at his fathers garage, he races recklessly across town to train with the biggest dog of them all, MMA champion Sensei Gene The Machine Gunner (Ving Rhames).

Trouble begins when he recklessly enlists as an enforcer for an illegal steroid dealer, landing him with a jail term. On the inside, he gets paid cash for fighting in gladiator wars, and comes to the attention of psychotic Warden (John Savage) who offers Johnny a release from prison on the condition that he fights in a ruthless tournament run by eccentric ex-Vietcong General and billionaire Insou Krang (George Takei).

Now out of prison, Johnny must enter combat against all opponents, in thecage fight of his life."

It looks bad. Really bad. Worse than the movie starring Bisping, Lashley and Danny Trejo that came out last year.