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TTT for the "Canadian Super Team" !!!

Keith Mills article.

AFC May 1st, 2004
War Memorial, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - On May 1st, the AFC returned to the Sunshine State in what was billed as a show focusing on up-and-comers. Most fans and press were expecting to see newer American Top Team fighters, perhaps for a first glimpse to see if some would follow in the footsteps of other ATT members that have grown from AFC. So far ATT fighters that have moved on include Dustin Denes in Shooto, Hermes Franca in the UFC, Marcus Aurelio in ZST, and Jorge Santiago in KOTC. Say what you want about these individual shows, the point is they all have a roughly equal distribution at the very least. AFC itself was webcast on Aggression TV and have been doing a pretty good job getting the videos of the event out just shy of UFC level timetable but surpassing the timetable of other feeder shows like WEC and KOTC.

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of AFC#8 was not the ATT fighters or even any other fighters appearing, but the big story wasbehind the underdog for the Light Heavyweight belt, Jason MacDonald. For a couple years now the Canadian scene has shown great promise and not just with the TKO fighters crossing over into UFC. Both Team Extreme's Joe Doerkson and Marcus Soares' trained Denis Kang burst onto the US scene last year in the Extreme Challenge Middleweight tournament series, which Doerkson ended up winning. Kang finished 2nd, and after impressive showing in Russia, he has found fights in his native Korea. For about a year now Bill Mahood has been training with Kang on Mahood's way to earning the #1 ranking in Showdown Magazine. At this show it was revealed a previously unknown in the states MacDonald started training with Kang and Mahood about a month ago, creating Western Canada's first 'superteam'. Soares earned his black belt from Carlos Gracie Sr., the man who also gave black belts to the founders of the American Top Team and Brazilian Top Team. Although Kang, Mahood, and MacDonald all played down the idea of naming their so far unnamed team the Canadian Top Team it wouldn't be wholly inappropriate. Now that MacDonald holds the AFC Light Heavyweight belt and Mahood is fighting for the TKO Canadian Light Heavyweight belt later this month don't be surprised to see more attention focused on Western Canada in the months to come.

Other standouts from this show include fighters from ATT, FFA, Gracie Barra Miami and several other local schools. In addition, Edson Berto's domination of Chad Gauldin was impressive while the jiu-jitsu rivalry turned MMA debuts for Marcus Avellan and Pedro Brandao lived up to the hype. Ben Saunders is another one to keep a eye out for after his draw with Crafton Wallace where he showed a good balance between striking and jiu-jitsu. For photos of this show check out

I always thought Dougie and I were the Canadian Super Team. Oh well, I guess we can share the name.

I think it was Carlson Gracie that promoted Marcus Soares and all the other guys mentioned in the article. Must have been a typo.

Sled Dog is correct...

I Still like my name for you guys better...

"Lord Tunderin' Jesus is Lord Fight team"


"Canadian Super Team" is god awful. We have GOT to improve that name.


Not Lettuce...... That's definitely not "The Name".

We have several ideas in the pipe...Just trying to make a final decision. CST is just something that the media stuck on the guys.

Dougie and I were the original Canadian Super Team, but we agreed this morning while moving mats from the seminar that were weren't as super as we thought. Our new name is the Cauliflower Club. We still need to work on Dougie's ears, but that shouldn't take too long.

Im tellin ya, the name should be Alpha Flight.