The cancer fight continues...........

I am going to post this on the OG as well as I have friends in both places.

So from where we left off in May 16 the kymph nodes in my lower back by my left kidney had not changed in size or activity. If this was to continnue to happen I would have to have a RPLND (if you do not know what it means google it, otherwise know it is a very rare, and dangerous operation). Was told by my oncologist that it was early to just jump into surgery and we need to wait another 6 weeks to see what has happened.

Fast forward to June 27th, I go in have another PET scan and go home, and will be getting the results the next day. My family was planning for 3 outcomes, 1) Being told to wait another 6 weeks, 2) Being told the lymph nodes are shrinking and no surgery is needed, or 3) surgery. Well the news we got was nothing short of shocking. We were told that I now had TWO new active lymph nodes in "my upper" chest to go along with the ones in my lower back and was going to have to have a biopsy of the lymph nodes in my lower back (which was suppose to be this morning).

Yesterday I get a call from the radiologist who was going to do my biopsy and he said he is not going to do it because he cannot get to my lymph nodes. I calmly asked him what do you mean they are in my lower back. He said that he was told to biopsy the lymph nodes in my upper chest and because one of the lymph nodes is RIGHT ON MY AORTA, and UNDER MY HEART just above my pancreas. I thought upper chest meant just that, your upper chest, NOT YOUR HEART. So now I have to wait to go to a lymph node specialist for a biopsy, wait to get the results, and then what the next step is to beat this. Your prayers would be much appreciated. This forum is truely a special place. I feel like someone hit the reset button and I am right back where I was November 12th when I was diagnosed, so the battle just keeps raging.

Jason Miller

 Man that is freaking terrible.  I'll pray for you bro in the name of Christ

Good luck bro, I wish you the best... Everything is beatable, my old man continues to fight brain cancer, and you really learn a lot about how strong someone is dealing with this disease amoung others..

it makes those guys who step in the cage look like sissys.. lol.

good luck

Good luck man, stay positive. This is a very important fight that you will win!

Definitely stay positive! Nothing better than a positive outlook when it comes to your health, stress just breaks you physically down.

Good luck man, we feel for you.

you have my prayers, friend.

 You have my positive thoughts

and my axe

illmatic1292 - and my axe

It probably shouldn't have but this got a big lol from me.

Rocky Dennis -  Man that is freaking terrible.  I'll pray for you bro in the name of Christ

This obviously will help tremendously!!

BengalTiger369 - 
Rocky Dennis -  Man that is freaking terrible.  I'll pray for you bro in the name of Christ

This obviously will help tremendously!!
Not as much as your "positive thoughts"!


 Wish you the very best 303!!


Soooo sorry you're going thru this. Prayers until you recover.



Didn't want to stalk u too much but now that I see ur back, let the stalking begin. Email me buddy. You can do this. Phone Post

 Thoughts and prayers are with you.

all the best man

 Prayers sent for sure.   I admire your strength for even posting.  I know people will say, "well, what else can he do?"  but you're strong for talking about it and moving forward.

 Fight hard!

Positive thoughts sent your way Jason. A good friend of mine's son is going thru this as well, he's got less than 1% to pull thru, 9yrs old.

Fuck you Cancer, in the fucking ass

Good luck, man...

Be strong, this seems like a hard and long journey.