The Cauliflower Chronicles

   I just picked this up today. Has anyone on here read it?  I just wanted some feedback from people who may have read it. Havent heard much about it on here. TIA


pretty good read. Chronicles his training experiences and life as a outsider. Or essentially, what it feels like for a white guy to actually be a minority. One thing about his story though, and its not a criticism btw but just a observation, is that he does the typical non-cultured white guy thing of at first hating a culture due to him being a minority in it (and having to deal with the type of discrimination that some non-whites have had to deal with) and then turning a 180 and becoming fully engrossed in it and kinda over glorifying the culture. Its like guys who do bjj who later on adopt portuguese accents and REALLY try to live the brazilian lifestyle. Once again, its not a criticism as I have friends that have done this, its just interesting to see it in print form. Overall, a great read and also gives you insight to the history of Hawaii (some of which I was already somewhat familiar with but learned more about). Def hope he writes another book.

 I picked it up and read it.

It's a quick read, not overly dense.  It's a pretty basic storyline, simple structure and material.  It was worth a read, but it wasn't anything earth shattering.  I think younger readers will get more out of it based on the content and the perspective of the author.


I did a quick review on it in my BJJ travel blog :) Phone Post

Just looked this up on Amazon, hadn't heard of it. May get it with Christmas gift cards.

I enjoyed it. Very readable, you could easily finish it in an evening. It's pretty light, both in terms of content and writing style, but then the guy is only in his early 20s, and it's only focused on a 5 month period. Worth a read, but I wouldn't race to get it.


I liked it; it's a quick and simple read.

The Hawaiian stuff was a legit eye-opener, and I enjoyed seeing how dedicated this kid was. He contributes or is editor at

I read it and liked it. I would think anyone that grapples would appreciate the book. You might remember an article the author wrote in Ultimate Grappling (now ultimate mma) a while back about grappling a ghost. It was a 2 part story on his take on rolling with BJ Penn while on this trip.