The Challenge 38- Ride or Dies-Oct 12-2022

Best part of this episode was after TJ revealed they lost the elimination by one piece and then it immediately cuts to Nelson in shocked astonishment slowly saying “One…piece???”. haha dude cracks me up sometimes.

Watching some of these chicks trying to figure out how to row was hilarious. “It’s not like the gym!”

Already been stated but yeah Jay and Michelle are dumb as fuck. They nominate a team that would potentially be on their side while giving a free pass to Banany? Jay is half gay so he decides to piss off his butt buddy. Just mind-numbingly stupid. Rookies being exterminated like usual, when will they learn and actually play together to get rid of vets.

My dick gets confused by Laurel as well. She definitely has her days where she looks good, but then other times she just gross. She put on some weight, you can see it in her chin/neck and arms. Her confidence is always at an all time high, but her attitude/personality seems like a high schooler a lot of the time.

Veronica these days is just like putting lipstick on a pig. You aren’t fooling anyone. Typical woman now though, instead of putting in work to lose some fucking weight they just spend money to fuck up their face.

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Did Aneesa really just compare being Jewish to having only 1 hand??? And Jordan had to sit there and pretend he agrees.


Don’t you DARE come for Aneesa on this thread! You have no idea the anti-Jewish BS she has to put up with, simply for walking around with “jewish” features.



She is #SoBrave.

Had Veronica ran during the challenge maybe her ass would fit between the straps. In worse shape than aneesa (sorry). And holy fuck nurys gets hotter every episode.

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Nurys is very hot.

Nany is looking more and more like Steven Tyler every season…cocaine is a helluva drug


How dare you! It’s because she’s so short! Not because she’s a fat tub of lard! Don’t worry though, all she has to do is rehab her foot and she will have a stronger big fat ass for next time. Sucks for Darrell, but as soon as he walked in with her I knew he had no shot at winning. Hope he got paid for showing up though.

Nurys is a 9.5. But I have a thing for halfies with curls so Amber does it for me every time.

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At least once every episode you can see her using her tongue to lick her gums between the teeth and lips trying to get one last taste of that sweet sugar.

Like John Cable, I’m no fan of V, but I will say that I was impressed she kept going and made it kinda close. I thought for sure she was never getting back up there the very first time. She kept going and made it 3-4 times. Pretty impressive for a fatty.

No kidding. Goodness gracious.

If Nelson doesn’t send fessy in he’s forever a cuck.

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Nelson is a gotdam idiot

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Nelson is devastated and all I can think is, “THANK GAWD Nurys is safe!”


Nelson is a retard, but he’s a loyal retard

And that’s why he will never win. Stuck up for Corey. Sucking fessy off after he trucked him. Forever a cuck. He does have one of the finest women to ever compete in the challenge as his partner so it’s not all bad he’s the center of controversy.

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For you degens.


oh boy. Lets see the B/G vids!

What do guys think of this season? I’ve been watching this show for years but this season hasn’t been able to hold my attention. I think there’s so many new people that I just haven’t been able to connect.