The Challenge - Double Agents

Nothing more alpha than writing an essay to express your feelings!!!

Sucks that Kyle broke his finger, especially on the first run. I mean he was going to lose for sure but I would rather it all play out than end early. I’ve said it before, but when its time to compete Kyle always gives his best effort. He might be annoying at times and complains too much about being backstabbed, but at the end of the day he is usually good entertainment and gives his all when competing.

Attention Scrapdo - the preview shows them eating something gross in the final so I guess that decades long streak is about to come to an end :wink: haha

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Kyle got lit the fuck up by Fessy, he had no chance. he didnt want to continue, he could have not let his finger be seen and continued if he wanted but after that hit I think he saw his out knowing they wouldnt medically clear him to continue.

Would have loved to see Fessy and CT or even Leroy do that. Think Fessy would have had a good shot beating both.

Def think it was a mistake letting CT slide into that final, even Fessy. More legit guys you let get to a final the harder it is to win. Thats why all those years people were scared to go at Bananas and he’d win or CT and he’d win. Few of them knew this and tried, Paulie was one and actually Corey too but he just stopped trying cause nobody followed him.

Amber B not being able to do simple multiplication is embarrassing as fuck. I mean you cant take 926x7 whatever and do it in your head? She really doesnt even deserve to be in a final for that shit.

Is anyone watching The Challenge: All Stars? Do we have a separate OG thread for that?

wouldn’t you need to pay to stream that channel?
Fuck all these things you need to pay for. its out of hand.
Or maybe I just don’t understand how it works?

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Sure you could pay if you want to. But every tv show and movie that has ever existed is free on the internet if you know where to look.

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separate thread, please. i’m saving that one until this show is done

Something about her being really dumb makes me like her more. Nice, dumb girls are the best. Shitty dumb girls, not so much. I think because thet make me feel like The Genius Lanny Poffo.

I watched the pilot episode free on youtube. Well, more skimmed it. Doesn’t seem interesting at all. Most of them aged in a very odd manner. That skinny mixed girl Zac was banging got tubby as hell. Did Kendall always have a skin condition? I feel bad for her, she was really cute. She’s not horrible now, but she’s overly skinny which makes her face look alien, and has weird patches on her mouth/eyes…

I actually think that CT getting her as a partner is a steal. She can run better than the other girls and CT will do any problems so they shouldn’t have to worry about that.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they won, which would be hilarious.