The Challenge - Double Agents

Theres a site out there that covers all the spoilers, who wins, who gets eliminated by who.

Hope some guys come back like Paulie, Turbo, even Joss. Forgot that other dude who won on the team season who was sleeping with the chick who got banned for racist shit. also will Bananas return?

are Paulie and Turbo kicked off cause people said Turbo threatened to kill someone and then Paulie was causing drama but the show is just better with them on it. Jordan too.

Whatever happend to evan and kenny? Would like to see them fuckin with fessy

They are banned for life for sticking a toothbrush in a drunk, passed-out Tonya’s pussy.


Pretty sure Jordan is supposed to be back next season. Would make sense because him and Tori broke up so there is bound to be some drama there.

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My money says Jordan smokes him in an elimanation thats fair to both like an obstacle course, even with 1 hand that dude never quit

No Wes on the reunion show. Maybe he has finally hung them up. It might be time. He has looked pretty bad in his last few eliminations.

I remember reading transcripts of a recent Bananas interview where he said he’s probably done with the show. Has other offers to host shows and doesn’t want to be known only as the guy from that mtv show.

Will be sad when all the OGs are gone and we’re stuck with guys with no personality like Fessy and half-men like Paulie and Bear.

The true OGs are on the Paramount+ show where people seem like they might die every episode. There are lots of interesting younger people who could be on the MTV show if they got paid anywhere near CT and Bananas have been getting. Wes and Bananas haven’t been performing lately so it’s time for them to go…

Paulie and Bear are actually entertaining imo. Paulie is such an over the top lame little bastard it’s hilarious. Bear is annoying, but at least he has some humor to add. Fessy is just boring garbage all around.

How much do they get paid for just being on the show? Is there a list somewhere showing what everybody gets paid?

I’m too lazy to find it but I believe that the base pay has gotten some press. There are like 3-5 people each season that are the draws and are surely getting more. Without them, there’s no show

Found this:

Do ‘The Challenge’ competitors get paid?

If you think about it, it makes total sense that everyone who appears on The Challenge gets paid. Being on the show is essentially their job for however long they’re able to stay in the competition, so naturally, they’re paid for their time. However, only some players are able to rake in the big bucks for their time in the competition.

According to Us Weekly , newbies make $1,000 for each week that they last — not too shabby, but that’s nothing compared to what some of the competition veterans can pull in. Apparently, “elite” players can make upward of $80,000 simply for making an appearance of the show, regardless of how they actually do in the competition. That means that some of the most well-known Challenge contestants don’t really need to be otherwise gainfully employed. What a life, right?

Other veteran players reportedly make anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for each week in the competition. We’re not saying we want to be on The Challenge (it looks pretty miserable for everyone involved, TBH), but that kind of pay is pretty tempting.

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that sounds about right. I think the competition reality model is pretty clear that theres a low base rate but draws have a solid seasonal guarantee. mid level draws probably have a higher per episode fee which is why cara maria types hang out for a few seasons at a time.

would love to know what the true draws really get paid though and if the guarantee counts against finale winnings

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there are always tales of casting coming down to the last minute too, so you know there’s a lot of haggling going on

Bananas hasn’t been performing? Didn’t he win the last season that he was on? Or am I wrong?