The Challenge-Spies, Lies & Allies

Agreed, but the sluts are sadder on All-Stars. Young sluts are still pretty cool.

True young sluts are better to look at. But that’s about all. As I get older I watch all these young ones in the challenge now and it’s just like what the fuck? How do these type of people even survive in the real world when they are not on TV. At least the older ones have grown up a little bit and aren’t quite as retarded.

Jordan showed Darrell there are levels to this shit. Whats with all the other black guys being legends in their own mind? This Ladarrius guy is always talking like hes hot shit and he can only beat pussies, Nehemiah thinks hes a legend when he sucks, and someone needs to tell Cyrus he is one of the worst competitors ever.

Why would MJ volunteer to take the sabotage? Must have thought that Mark was going to give it to him anyway.

Veronica has gotten really fat. Her face doesn’t look that fat, but those camera shots from behind are not flattering. She looks to be pushing 200. What a shame. She was hot back in the day.

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She can just claim “thick” these days. Make the fat seem like a good thing.

I remember when Veronica first came back she looked alright in a thick milf kind of way. I think one of those Dominican twins even banged her if I recall. Since then shes just gotten progressively worse each season, sad.

Here is the thread for all-stars:

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No thread for the new season?

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