The Charles Barkley Jussie segment still lulz

Not sure what made me look it up again now. Shaq’s laugh has me dying. Watch til very end too in case you’ve never seen it . Charles for President


Lol at the cheque at the end written out to muggers with a note for mugging supplies.


The line about should have been hanging out in Liam Neeson’s neighborhood is what does it for me, absolutely hilarious

Holy shit. How have I not seen the full thing before? I’m in tears. The check written out, the Liam Neeson comment, first time for me.
I’ve seen Chuck’s first comments before.

Chuck had a great little speech a couple days ago. Talked about how the media makes every about race and tries to divide people. When the real issue is class warfare.

Charles is a funny dude. That shit was hilarious.

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One ttt

Thanks guys.


Nice title Bro… :+1:

You’re welcome.
Keep up the good work!

Doing gods work

Man I love Charles barkley so much. I would seriously vote for that dude to be gov of my state. He is no bullshit and don’t play into these games of politicians re recital division.


Charles was my favorite player growing up as a kid. I was pissed when he got traded to the Suns.

I wild each him to be my president