The Children of Hurin

So, who's read it? Who is gonna read it? I will but I think I'll wait until it shows up at 1/2 books.

Didn't he already tell this story in the Silmarillion?

Sort of... but this is the full text writtenin 1917.

Wife bought it for me yesterday, will post some thoughts on it when done.

It's a really unusual read for me - most books I read quickly to get through the story, but I love Tolkien's languages and sense of history, so I may take my time with this one...

Wife bought it for me yesterday...

It simply MUST be love!


^^^^ You might think - but keep in mind this is the same girl who is nagging me to set aside money every paycheck so we can go to New Zealand in 1-2 years and do the LotR tour (of all the filmsites). She didn't buy the book just for me, she wants to read it, too ;-)

So am I the only one who skipped all of the singing in the Lord of the Rings.

And I was just thinking about a big ass arguement between a couple of guys in my medic section back in the day over Frodo's name after the LOTR trilogy.

Something about Frodo Nine Fingers or Frodo of the Nine Fingers.

Those two fuckers argued about this shit all one weekend.

"Frodo of the Nine Fingers" - can't remember if the whole song was in the books, but it was pretty fleshed out in the animated version of "Return of the King." I know the name was mentioned at least once in the movie, but there was no song of it in PJ's stuff....

I even have an mp3 of the cartoon version somewhere.....


Sam suggested as a title for Frodo's book, "Nine fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom"

Where there's a whip, there's a way

Just bought it at the w/e in prep for my holiday - couldn't resist it.....