The Christmas story

Whether you think the story is truth or myth it is an amazing and subversive story. I for one am grieved at it's domestication.

Think about it... The omnipotent God of all creation becomes a powerless baby needing to be cared for, fed and cleaned, protected. Though this child is king it is a completely upside down version of what a king is supposed to be. Born illegitimate, and poor of a despised and occupied nation. Born not in a palace but out in the air and placed in a feeding trough. Surrounded by peasant shepherds and gentile astrologers. The local ruler is so threatened by this "king" he murders every child in the area. Which forces the family to flee, becoming undocumented aliens in a foreign country.

This is the anti emperor bringing about an un-empire in the midst of the imperial might of Rome. What a story of revolution. You can keep you pretty little domesticated barn scene. You can keep your fat white man in a ridiculous suit. this season I remember the holy anarchist and try and live out this new kingdom. Blessings to all of my brothers and sisters Christian or otherwise

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i support this thread and death to xmas marketing

It's a great allegory.

What time does the anarchy start? Need to know if I have enough time to find my Che Guevara t shirt. Phone Post 3.0

The anarchy starts in twenty minutes please hurry

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Merry Christmas of friends

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I agree with you rev. The Word has been homogenized by legend and a lot of the grittiness of real life is overlooked. Phone Post

It's funny how a guy executed for treason and heresy is somehow the God of nationalism and religiousness now

Oh well

Merry Christmas

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Thought this thread was gonna be about Black Bart and his gang.

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The Author entered the play.

I like the part when Joseph wins a major award from Italy. Phone Post 3.0

Nice post, what's the problem with the nativity scene though? Phone Post 3.0

The truth!

Scut Farcas needed to buck his hips. Phone Post 3.0

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Good post, but I think the unfounded attack on Orson Welles was somewhat uncharitable.  

Not to mention Carl Sagan

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