The Chuck costume is great...


Where can I get a Wallid one for Halloween? Phone Post 3.0

Even though it was an outfit of Chuck it's like they used a body mold of Tito to make it. The proportions are all there. Phone Post 3.0

DanHendersonsDentures - Right after the Brown fight stopped and the crowd was going nuts, when they showed him doin the Iceman pose I lost it.

I just got around to watching the fight. I nearly died when he did the pose.

I had to replay it.  It was awesome

pheonix5 -

Lmfao saw this after the fight was called that person was awesome Phone Post 3.0

I thought my weed was laced for a second when I first saw that!

blue please Phone Post 3.0

DaSquidge -

blue please Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

pheonix5 -

Lol Phone Post 3.0

I want to be Chuck for Halloween now Phone Post 3.0

Imagine if there was ONE guy on the roster today that someone would dress as years after retirement.

Everyone knows Chuck's face and his pose.

That's a bad ass costume that made me pop when I saw it on tv but damn do I wish there was someone today who could be tomorrow's Chuck. Phone Post 3.0

I guess they replaced the Robot???? Phone Post 3.0

It certainly caught my attention I thought it was too cool Phone Post 3.0

Fabes - Amazing...BUT

Where can I get a Wallid one for Halloween? Phone Post 3.0
Way too scary homie Phone Post 3.0

Chuck was fucking feared! Almost Tyson like in the 80's/early 90's. The right hand pulled back someone going to get ktfo Phone Post 3.0

That thing is so fucking awesome! Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle -

Haha awesome! Phone Post 3.0

That guy is my facebook friend! i wonder if he made the costume himself, he could make a killing if so! Phone Post 3.0