The church will accept homos...

Just like anything else ...its only a matter of time. Its all about the culture. Soon our culture will accept it and then the church will in turn accept it. Nothing new under the sun... been going on since the beginning of religion and politics

I disagree. If the church was trying to win a popularity contest they would not have upheld their stances on issues like they have. Some things change with time and some things will always be viewed as wrong.

Not the church of God. A social club under the banner of "Church" may.

F**K! I actually agree with rooster's statement! Is that the 7th Seal in revelations being opened?

Since when was a religion a culture? What do you mean by that? How can faith in God be a culture?

Any hoot, I think it's silly if it is so that the church has a hard time excepting Gays into the church. Everyone has every right to be in church no matter what kind of person they are. God forgives. When Jeasus was told he was nasty for washing a prostitutes foot he told he tries to save the sick and not the healthy. Right?

Just because a gay is in the church doesn't mean you are any better than them cause you are straight. Rather you and the gay person are both sinners. SINNERS. No one in church is free of sin therefore who's to say who can come to church and who cannot?

Organized religion is silly to me.

Homosexuality was perfect acceptable in the roman greco culture, the culture in which christianity thrived....yet the church did not adopt the "well since its ok in mainstream culture, I guess we have to change" attitude. How is that different from today. They were actually MORE tolerant of homosexuality by far than we are today.

mark of the wolf is right when he says we are all sinners, but, as a christian your supposed to leave your life as a slave to sin who can do nothing apart from his sin, and be a slave to righteousness instead, because Christ bought you with a price, his blood. If he gave up his life for yours, don't you think if you are one called by his name and in him, that you should be ready to give up yours for him? Everything besides Christ is a loss as far as Im concerned.

Not that I don't struggle with sin, but I do my best to recognize that I am in fact bought, and I do belong to someone else. Im supposed to do what he wants, not what I want.

Homosexuality was perfect acceptable in the roman greco culture, the culture in which christianity thrived....To some degree. It's not quite that simple.

What about working on the Sabbath? Is that worse than homosexuality?

If someone works on the Sabbath their whole life, does that mean they are going to hell

Homosexuality hasn't JUST occured or just become a popular pastime you know. The whole idea of the church is be true to Biblical principles and reject what society teaches when in contradiction.

So those people working on the Saddath day are doomed?

Read Mark Chapter 2 for Jesus talking about working on the sabbath.

"To some degree. It's not quite that simple."-

IBI is right. There were some prominent philosophers who opposed it (Plato or Socrates, or one of the others), and some of the city-states weren't big on it.

rooster is right are confusing obedience of the Law and Sin!!!!

But he does not say "tell thou nieghbor to continue in her sin lest you judge her" he tells people to go and "sin no more"

bludhall: jesus says not to judge, treating people as second class citezens becasue of some thing they can't help is judging. just let them be, its their sin.

Me: and just how are they treated as 2nd class citizens? They can vote, hold office (note Barney Frank), hold jobs (especially in entertainment and decorating;-), bear arms, be beneficiaries of investments, own joint accounts, set up Trusts, receive due process etc. ad nauseum. This is a red herring. They have individually every right that every other American Citizen has. If you are talking about the privilege of marriage, that is different. They do not have "special rights" reserved to married men and women. Just as my aunt (who lost her husband and lives with her daughter and grandaughter) do not get special rights for their living arrangement. Just as best friends of the same sex (who don't have sex) do not get "special breaks" that married couples do. Just as extended families, brothers and all other living arrangements do not get "special rights" that married couples do. So? Marriage has a specific definition. A man married to a woman. Not a man married to 3 women, or to a dog, or to his 1st cousin or sister. There is no such thing as 'gay marriage' just as there is no such thing as a bird-human. two distinct definitions.

So again, how are they treated as 2nd class citizens.

the rooster is correct....there are only three possible options.

1. everything stays the way it is with "marriage benefits"

2. no one gets "marriage benefits"

3. or using the logic that the homosexual communitee is trying to say there is no difference between two men and a normal marriage. that would also mean there is no difference between that and asexual relationships as well after all they were born with out the desire to have a sexual relationship. and the list can go on and on

Kempowrestler, good to be on the same side:-)

YEAH seriously

I heard on NPR this morning that there are around 1500 laws across the country specific to gays. I wish I had listened more closely so I could give some example but I'll post an article if I find one on this subject.

Edit: I can't find text but here is apparently the bit on the NPR website... can't listen to it at the moment since I'm at work