The Conjugate Method

Just doing some reading about this in some Louie
Simmons articles. Really makes a lot of sense. I guess
we all have some experience with this on some level
even if we don't realize it or label it as such. Any
of you who have used it effectively to increase specific
lifts out there? I'd be interested in hearing experiences with this. Especially which exercises you
found most effective to increase which lifts etc.

I've used the conjugate method based of a westside template (and still am) to increase my mil press. So far my max is 75kg from about 65kg over 6 months or so. I've been using it for my deadlift too but i'll have to wait til monday to see what my max is and see if it is rising.

When I starting hammering my tris and using some speed work for my press it started rising and id been stuck for a long time.

It also works for the powerlifts as westside has the results to prove. I would guess it would work well for any compound movement.