the constant irony of mmo names

I never cease to be entertained by drastic disparity between a characters name, and their owner's personality. For example, in Org right now a fearsome orc by the name of "Totalpwnage" is whining and crying for handouts.

I asked, "Why don't you go totally pwn something?" He didn't seem to get the joke. That's fine, I laughed.

I think maybe people generate these fantasies in their heads of absolutely dominating at a game, but like a tweeker, they have no ability to follow through. Thus rendering "XxGoKuXdEmOnXsLaYeRzXGODSephirothXx" a whining heap of pathetic pixels until his trial membership runs out.

A second pattern I find interesting is the people who name their character after what they want that character to be. This results in a million rogues with names along the lines of "BackStabbor" or "CritStrikker" or other unimaginative names. This gets really funny when, say, "MoonfirSpammor" respecs resto, or "WFKillzjoo" specs rejuv.

The xrealm bg thing has exposed me to an extent of stupid names I never thought possible. SWG was never this bad.


Name: Mixolydian

Guild: Lebowski Urban Achievers (gm)

^^Perfection imo

"How do you feel about the name "Holywarrier" for a Paladin?"

It doesn't make sense because it's not a name, but at least it's not Bubbleboy.

Today I saw "Neckutta" the rogue, and "MightyWarrio" who I assume is a warrior, but I can't be sure on account of he didn't pick a name that fucking fit.

"This gets really funny when, say, "MoonfirSpammor" respecs resto, or "WFKillzjoo" specs rejuv."

Whats really funny is that you typed that sentence, and that alot of poor fools out there know what it means.

That was LOL funny.

GO to a mirror, and say that shit out loud. YOu will be laughing to.

What about "Tinypenis"? That's cool, right?

I'd report that one, but I'm a dick like that :P

Squat- we all speak the same language, it's nothing to be ashamed of ;)

my server has quite a few crazy names. my favorite are two pug pvp'ers that always used to play together. one named inurbase and the other one killunurmans

If you report a name, you are a low life cock, smoking, ass nugget that has no place in MMOs

Oh bite me. When I want to relax and play games the last thing I want to present a mental image to me is some guy running around named 'Catamite.' It's disturbing. The fact that they think they're above the law is annoying also.

Tho if the name is clever and funny, like Cenarion Circle Jerk, I probly won't report it :P

the fact that the law is gay and only enforced because romos get easily offended is a long standing problem int he mmo world. It's like what would happen if christians wrote and enforced all laws. That's what the name policy in mmo's does.

Well of course, they have to satisfy the bulk of their potential player base, which is going to have that sort of moral outlook.

Believe me I'm not as bad as some people, and at least 90% of the name change petitions I recieved got round-filed.

But catamite and horseballs are not mental images I appreciate when I'm trying to relax.

lol guild on my server named Flip Out Like Ninjas. Man that's a good one. My froglok wizard in eq1 was originally called Froakoff. That's damn funny, I don't care who you are. Name Nazis got him. They have also taken Supatard every time I have created it lol

Those wouldn't bother me. There's a guy in my guild with characters named Bullsheet and Laybya. Those are funny.