The coolest web page ever ?!?!?!

The coolest web page ever ?!?!?!

I don't work for the UFC I even prefer Pride but god-damned this web page got me pumped! I haven't been able to work at all today... Great job Zuffa!

Royce vs Hughes


Sorry fixed it now...

Right click and choose "open in new window"...
It is such a cool site I am totaly in awe of the flash work!

ttt for commnets
Am I a compleate dork for thinking it is cool? Come on lay it on me bitches!

Not working just loading.

very cool

ughh, i can't stand matt hughes. I hope Royce puts him away and shuts him up. Everything that Hughes says is hypocritical, How did hughes win his last 3 fights SUBMISSION

cool site

The site is way Hughes and Gracie will just charge at each other the way that website shows.

Just watched the "in-depth" video on the site.  I've got MAD respect for Royce but one thing I didn't agree with was when he was referring to the early UFCs and the UFCs of today and said "Try fighting 4 fights in one night with someone twice your size and see how you do".  It was so different back then that a 170lb fighter who was a BB in BJJ COULD fight someone who was twice their size and knew nothing about BJJ.  I'd say to Royce "Try fighting 4 fights in one night with someone twice your size who's also a BB in BJJ and see how you do".  The fact that the sport has evolved so much as dictated the need for weight classes and time limits.

I'm looking forward to this fight.

did buffer say that matt was the "pound for pound best welterweight champion in ufc history" ??? lol, that is awesome


Ok 1. Gracie has a forfiet to Harold Howard so he is not undefeated technically.


2. Is it 3 or 5 rounds? Royce said 5 Matt said 3.

5 rounds

that is a bad ass website, but I have a question.

What is with the whole "blue corner, red corner" thing. There's no fucking
colors in the corners of the octagon, and it doesn't make sense.
Why do they stick with that?


Very cool website. I'm impressed. I gotta really learn how to do Flash...

And I can't wait for this fight. Royce is the man!!!