The Countdown begins!!

18 days and I'm in CUBA!!!

2 full weeks of sun, beaches and booze! All-inclusive biatches!  Just thought I'd gloat.


where in Cuba? i want to go to a all-inclusive in Cuba...i've been to a few in Mexico but I hear some of those Super Resorts in Cuba are incredible....

Varaderos, Cuba. Cost:after taxes and hidden fees and shit: $3915.00 Canadian, for 2 people at a 3 1/2 star resort (the Palma Real). To make it to 4 stars would have cost us around 400 bones more each!

I can't wait! This winter has been absolutley dawg-dirty, brutal.

all inclusives are the only way to go....sitting by the drinks all day much sun....this will be the first year in a couple years I haven't gone to Mexico so to say I'm jealous is an understatment....

I wish.

Well don't feel jealous...this is my first trip EVER!! Anytime I had vacation time in the past it would always be while I'm broke so I would just drink and play vids (which was still fun, mind you). I've never even been on a plane before!

I'm a little nervous about my ears popping up once up there, cause when I worked security in the Trisec building (30 flrs), in the elevator going up to the 30th floor was murder. I had to start yawning by the third floor ( and continue yawning all the way up ) to stop the pop.

Hey! It's after midnight...17 days!




Make sure to join the mile high club.

Does it count if it's with your wife?


16 days!!!

It ALWAYS counts.


15 more days till

and a fridge magnet for Rodrigo....

14 days


Varadero fuckin rocks !!!!! I was there last year at this time, hit up the Mambo club it's the best one in Varadero !!! Honestly dude, your gonna have the time of your life !!!!!

Mambo Club huh? I'll have to check that out. mmmm....11 days left untll beaches....booze......and broads...


Have a good trip.....Bastard! :o) Who am I kidding....I'm off to the Bahamas on March 6th! have a Cuba Libre for me and I'll have a Bahama Mamma for you!

Mambo club is fun, it costs 10$ us to get in but it's open bar!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!!

Mark Colangelo: Whatever a Cuba Libre is, I will definitely order one for ya (assuming this is a drink and not a filthy Cuban Hooker).

; )

y|2: if what you say is true, then I'm in serious trouble. I thought I would be ok with drinking for free at the resort, where my room is but a mere stumbling distance away......hey-how far away from the Palma Real is this Mambo club you speak of?

9 more days till

5 more days...........

and I'll be swimming with the dolphins!!!

who cares...........

your mom.

4 more to go......

2 MORE.....