The CroCop-Herring kick pic??

Can someone post the pic of the liver kick that turned Heath's body into goo? I was telling my bro about it and i need to e-mail it to him. Thanks.

ttt Someone has it.

YES! Thanks, bro.



Obvious work, like that would even hurt, puh-lease.

wooww good work

Cro cop's lead hand is down, very vulnerable to a right cross. He should tighten that up.

Yeah, Cro Cop don't know shit about striking

Herring's arms aren't that long either.

He has his right hand in position to parry the right if Herring through it

If anybody thinks this pic is a photoshop, go to I'm pretty sure they wouldn't put a photoshopped pic up on their web page.


Although some people may criticize you for giving Cro Crop tips on striking, I agree. His boxing defense is his major weakness IMO. He lost to Hoost by a liver shot and was Ko'd my McDonald from a boxing combo.


The kick issunk so far into the ribs that he could not throw a punch. With that being said who the hell cares where his hand is.

For better rotation, Thai fighters often drop the arm on the kicking side, but still defend the head with the opposite hand.

Besides, Crocop's defense could be his outstanding offense.

i love how you can see the mutation

It's not photoshopped. It's on the Pride site and it's been in magazines.

I've never seen ribs bend like that, that is a hard f-ing kick.

"Hoost just sealed the deal, otherwise I think Mirko would have won that fight"

What about the other two times Hoost beat Mirko?

"There is no one in MMA, outside of Mirko who has standup even close to Hoost or Mcdonald.
Bringing up these fights and applying it to MMA is useless."

So? It means he cant be punched? There is no one in the UFC HW division with the BJJ credentials of Roberto Traven, yet (at the time) purple belt Frank Mir armbarred him.


Agreed with Shinobi - I don't care if Roy Jones was in the UFC, he can still be knocked out by a punch just like everyone else...especially if he has to worry about someone taking him down. I think he likely realized Herring's punches aren't exactly a major threat, but I'm sure he didn't discount them entirely.

I think Cro-Cop's boxing is pretty solid and the loss to McDonald proves nothing except that he was overconfident and screwing around...BUT...his hands likely are his striking weakpoint if he has one. He trained with Vlad and Vitali so I'm pretty sure he knows how to fight against a good boxer, however when you mix in kicks, things change.