The CroCop-Herring kick pic??

Exactly. Vanderlei tagged Cro Cop with some good punches in their fight because Cro Cop was so worried about the takedown. I bet Fedor can take advantage of that if he ever fights Cro Cop. Cro Cop will be very worried about the takedown and will be open to some of Fedor's bombs.

Cro Cop is the best MMA striker but like Domingo said, anyone can be KO'd by a punch.


Mcdonald's won the same way against others in K-1. If they fought again, it would at least be a close decision for either guy. Nothing flukish about that fight.

Crocop does the same stuff in most of his fights. If somebody isn't worried about his power, he loses. Peter Aerts should have kicked his ass IMO, he must have been depressed or something. I figured he would have beat Crocop the same way he beat Ignashov.